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little help please

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I'm in charge of the meat for our department Christmas party today. My brisket and pork have reached the desired temps and we are still 4 1/2 hrs away from serving. I have them foiled and in the oven at 200 degrees. What should I do? Will they dry out if they sit in the oven another 3 hrs before I towel them?
Any help would be appreciated.
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I would put them in a cooler covered in foil and towels. They will stay hot for hours. Bring them to the event in the cooler and serve.
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Exactly! They will stay hot until you need them.
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Agree with warthog and ribtip. I have had butt FTC (Foil, Towel, Cooler) for 4-5 hours and pulled it out...still so hot you could hardly touch it....just give a splash of juice and really foil it up good so it wont leak out.
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I also agree - put them in towels in the cooler. Someone suggested filling the cooler with towels and I have tried that a couple of times with good success - seems to help hold the heat better
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You can and I have done this. Just wrap the brisket in a towel and put it in a dry cooler and make sure the cooler is really full of towels and then close it up and it will stay hot for a long time and I'm talking 4-5 hours thewn pull it and slice away. I did it and left a thermometer in the meat and after about 5 hours the meat was still at about 100*
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I agree with everybody above, I have done this and had them stay very warm for up to 8 hours in the past
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You can preheat your cooler also to buy you more time.

Rather than wrapping and putting in a cold ice chest, fill it part way up with hot water and let it site for a couple of minutes then drain/dry. That way you aren't using meat heat to warm up the cooler.
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