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first abt's on the treager.

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These are my first abt's and they were pretty tasty.
8 oz. cream cheese
1 tbl smoked paprika
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oil
1 tbl minced garlic
1 tbl lemon juice

puree in food processor.

I decided to wrap these in maple bacon. I cut down the side and piped filling in hoping the bacon would help the filling from oozing out while smoking, there was a little bit lost but not much more than a few drops.

slice down center, then cored.

piping the filling

Right before the smoker.wrapped in maple bacon.

After being smoked, they tasted great!
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Interesting way of slicing and filling the ABTs, looks like a nice way of pumping them full of filling and having a nice full pepper shell on the outside.

What was the deal with the Bud Light?
Been a while since I drank BL, now it's vodka, Yuengling and Guinness, but that was an interesting looking can.
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Good looking ABTs :)

indeed an interesting can.

i used to live on east coast and i MISS the Yuengling... smooth and cheap goodness.
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Amazed it hasn't made it that far West yet.

Good stuff, America's oldest brewery.
They had it out in the Sacramento area when I lived in CA a few years back.
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Those look good my man
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I have never seen a green bud can before??, been looking at treagers, do you get a good smoke ring and flavor from it ???
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The beer can is a green bay packers style can.
All of the cans in our area now are either green and yellow
or purple and yellow (my preference).
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I like the way you sliced and filled the jalapeno's. I have always used a piping bag kinda I use a baggie and cut out the corner. But they looked good and the fillinf sounds good too. Now the Bud light I have never seen them in colors either but they would go over good here in Gator Country. I'm sure you can guess the colors.
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I like my treager it can produce a great smoke ring, maybe not as deep as some, smokers but it has a nice flavor. As for the bud light can I normally drink local micro brew or w, but I got it for the oregon ducks civil war game, I'm a big duck fan, as the nfl goes chicago bears all the way.
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Very nice Abt's. I like the stem.
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I love the rack -- where'd you get it?
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Great Looking ABTs and A Great Team Can...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You can get them here:
Get the jalapeno corer to, it makes cleaning them much easier... tongue.gif
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Very nice...and piping the filling makes for a clean presentation.
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The ones at Iron Desert are nice Cabelas also sells a plain jane model.. I've got the 48count that I use for Super Bowl parties.. I'll be smoking them this year usually its the over for them.
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I found mine at ROSS dress for less for $8.00, also got the rib rack to match.
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Nice job! Did you use a corer?
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yes I used a corer, but u could get away with using a butter knife or your fingers.
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