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Oklahoma Joe's New Braunsfel Texas-style offset smoker

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is this an older one and is it worth looking at for the $$$? thx......

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That looks like the Black Diamond Model and one of the good ones...

I would try to get them down on the price a little, Offer $100.00 you can always go up if he won't take it...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i'm new to the game but isn't that a flat top warmer on the fire box, and is that color o.k., and it looks like it's been used more than a dozen times....not that it matters.
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Paint looks oxidized and it has probably been used more than what they say but a new paint job and some mods will do wonders for the looks.

Look it over good and make sure that it has not burned through the metal or rusted through anywhere and it should be okay...

Paint is cheap and will make it look as good as new if you use High Temp Paint...
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that's what i was thinking........$125 and i walk out with it?
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That looks perty similar ta the one smokebuzz has got. I seen that in action an it does a great job. I'd try the hundred, then 125 but if they insist the 150 ain't a bad price.
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going to check it out on sunday.........some dude is selling it for a chick who has a sob story (if true then it is sad) so i don't know how much she is willing to budge since there is some sentimental attachement....late husband.
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Yer story, but yer late husband sure would wan't somebody ta have it that will give it TLC, I'm gonna paint it, use it very weekend yada yada yada. Give er the sales pitch man!
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If you truly want it Stay Tough and she will come down...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I think they'd sell for $100 in a heartbeat if you said that's the best you could do.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't budge on the posted price. All it is is a best case scenario, or a number to work down from.
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I would say here a hundred and then be prepared to walk and she'll comme down mefore your very far away. If you want to give her the 125.00 and walk after all her (Idoubt it) could be true.
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tell her $100 and your first smoke will be dedicated to him....see where that would get ya
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well, i went and picked it up for $125 and this thing is heavy as hell! i need to clean it up, put some fresh paint on it and fire this thing up! now i need to go look into the charcoal/wood forums to learn a new style of smoke. thx for the info guys.........i actualy took a little from travcoman and dr. freak and walked away with a smile!
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Congrats great buy post pics when you get a chance!!
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If you have anyone close or know of a business that does sandblasting that would be the way to go on cleaning it before repainting the outside...

On the inside you could get it steam cleaned...

Then it should be like NEW...
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i will........they bought it in '04 and have the original receipt. there was no major rust...just the minor surface that i can take care of. not sure i want to steam clean it cuz that would mean i would have to find someone to help me lift that bastige back in the truck! i was thinking 'bout firing it up and scraping it when warm.
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Be sure to use High Temp Paint when you repaint...
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just looking through the paperwork and this is NOT an OK Joe/NB smoker. it is a BAR-B-CHEF smoker from BBQ galor................seems well made with all the features. found some good reviews...anyone know anything? did OK JOE /NB make smokers for BBQgalor in '03 or '04? i'll post pics of details on the unit to help identify tomorrow.
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Well in any case looks like you got a nice smoker. A little TLC and elbow grease and it should be in good shape. Good luck on the clean up, I would think a good firing on the inside of the big box would clean and residual grease etc... from in there then you can scrape it out. The firebox shouldn't really require a lot of cleaning.

Good luck, Charlie
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Looks like a duplicate of my Brinkmann Smoke 'n' Pit professional. Yours likely heavier. I took my firebox off and sanded/wirebrushed it, painted it with Krylon hi-temp. Obviously you're in the Phoenix area. I've done a mod or 2 to mine, I can point you to some great mod tips and reams of local smokers. Berry Brothers Firewood @ 53th St. & Washington, south side of road or Glowing Embers near 19th & Cheryl on east side. I'll send a PM.

D'OH-I'm near Bell and I-17. Are you off in Chandler/Gilbert like nearly everybody else I've run into lately?
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