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reheat meat

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smoked pork shoulder and brisket last sunday, pulled pork and froze it. brisket i froze it whole.i plan on putting the pork in a crock pot and add bar-q-sauce and simmer .on the brisket , put in oven with beef bouillon and reheat. any other suggestions? BIG CAR CLUB PARTY IN OUR HOTROD SHOP
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That would work. What I do if reheating a bunch is get the disposable roasting pans and put the meat in that if doing pulled pork I either add a finishing sauce or a little apple juice then foil the top and put it into the oven at about 250 till hot. For the brisket I'd suggest about the same thing and I would use apple juice in the pan once hot take it out and slice it. If I have a group of people I usually offer several different kinds of sauce and so mixing the sauce when re heating doesn't work for me
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What did you freeze them in? If you used a vac sealer you can also reheat by leaving in the bag and putting in hot water. If not the pan method works good. I cover my pans in foil so the steam does not escape and dry out the meat just like Piney said
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I only use the vac sealer. When I reheat it, I use my turkey cooker to boil the water and I don't open the bag until done. Taste just like it was off the grill fresh,, EXCELLENT!
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Thanks ,i Will Cook Them Slow
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