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Baby Backs, Chicken, Beans..Lotsa Q View

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Ok fellow smokers, Im getting tonites dinner together. Now as most of you know this is the first smoke in awhile since Ive been working so I decided on some baby Backs, a whole bird, and some beans. This is the prepwork...Post more later for sure

Ribs will be.
1 rack will be Yoshidas sweet and sour
1 rack Chinese BBQ sauce I got in singapore
1 rack plain as I like them with BBQ sauce at the table

My beans and the ingredients......I add about 1.5 pounds of chopped pulled pork from a past smoke to me beans. I chop up half real fine and mix in the beans and then I make a crust (sort of like apple crumb pie) with the fine chopped pork, about 1 cup of real bacon bits, brown sugar and cinnamon. I smoke uncovered the whole time 5 hours. the browne sugar mixture on top forms a nice crunchy crust...This also has a pint of BBQ sauce, cinnamon, Brown sugar, Onion powder, garlic Powder...

The ohhh so wonderful crust

Heres the Baby backs. Im letting these sit for a while and then I season and throw them on the Smoke Wagon

Removing the membrane
Put the knife tip under the membrane

Take a dry paper towel and grab the membrane

Pull it right off

I almost forgot the Clucker
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Not only are you finally back AND doing a fine meal but that is some beautiful Qview!
What kind of camera do you use?
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I'm sorry, what was that address again? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like the perfect start to a beautiful cook!!!
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Cannon 450d with a image stabalizing lense..Probbly taken 40,000 pitures with it and maybe 100 were blury bad and was always my fault or something on the lense..Great Camera
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WOW! I can't wait to see more!!!
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Nice, so far. Good luck man.
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Nice grab on the membrane!! I love it when it comes off all in one piece.
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This is weird, but the camera/pic quality was one of the first things I noticed as well....

I shoulda probably viewed on an empty stomach
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Well lets see how these hit ya....3 hours in and I foiled the ribs. Chicken is looking great as well...Im also about 90% complete on my plywood smoker that Ive started this morniing..Im gonna post those tonite..Been a busy day..weathers nice, Im home and rested and time to smoke

also thought I would throw in the fire start up..This is the way I do it. I really need to get one of those propane weed burners. But for now I cross stack wood and mixed sizes with news paper. Set fore to teh paper and off she goes

And on to the ribs...all seasoned up

Yoshidas on the bird and 1 rack of ribs

Off to the smoke wagon

3 Hours in and foiling the ribs

Beautiful bean footage...My crust is nice and crunchy

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Can you fix that meal when you go driving down I-95 and stop in to smoke a good meal. Now thats what I call a really good dinner there. You might have been gone for awhile but you have missed a lick by the way that food looks. points.gifhave to go out for your first smoke back in the main land. Great Job there Chris.
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I am inspired to go to a meat market and get some ribs and give that a try. I love the pics of getting the fire burnin.
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Everything is looking great, don't get me wrong, I love ribs but that shot of the chicken, the one right before the beans, that looks friggin fantastic!
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Well the yoshidas bird is out and looks awesome if I do say so myself. I could not take the ribs completely out of the foil as they were too tender. I like a little bite to mine so I just opened up the tops added the chinese BBQ sauce from Singapore and they are now on the last 30 minute firm up..Im so freakin Hungry I cant stand it.....More To come....

And the Yoshidas chicken

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Man alive am I full........cooked the ribs another 30 minute to firm the up some. They were too tender for me but everyone else is going nuts over them...

The Yoshidas was pretty good but i still prefer the good ole plain janes...I will use the Yoshidas again..Now the Chnese BBQ sauce was not fantastic at all and will not put on my ribs again...

Beans turned out really good with a nice crust on them..

The Three amigos

PLain ( Just means no Sauce)..To me you can really taste what the smoker does with these vs sauced ribs..I feel you loose the smokey and pork flavor when you sauce

Chinese BBQ sauce


Hungry Helper

Yoshidas Chicken

My Reward
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Looks like an awesome feast PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Back only 2 days and you are on fire. You probly have enough room on the trailer to mount the new smoker and build yourself a walk-in cooler box. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhen I remove the membrane from the back of the ribs, my choice of weapon is a church key.
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Awesome feast for sure. And well deserved. Is that your son? Bet he's happy to have his pops home. All of it looks great.

I don't sauce my ribs either. Overtakes the smoke flavor in my opinion.
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Let me Guess, You were Hungry for American Food, specifically BBQ...icon_mrgreen.gif

Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome home SC.Love the pics and the fact you experimented.

Keep rockin brother........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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