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After Jerry passed I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the acid from the sheets with his face on them honoring him.
Man it was strong! Those were in my younger more "Rock and Roll" lifestyle.
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Just put some Montrose in. I just incorporated a Luxman amp into the system. It's an oldie but sure does work nice.
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LOL...yes, I remember hearing about those sheets going around in my younger more "Rock and Roll" lifestyle, too. Heard they could steal your face right off your head. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Jimmy Lane blue grass
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grateful Dead
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Yeah Dude I'm all over too most times. Right now it a mixed music disk but on any given day could be anything from AC/DC to Bob Seger to Pearl Jam, Nickelback all the way out to ZZ Top. Different genres to include classical music, blues, light rock, hard rock to some very different obscure music. Pretty much anything but country music (just don't care for it)

So what's that tell ya??
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Tis the season.. Christmas music. Merry Christmasicon_smile.gif
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How about a curve ball I have Bob Marley and the whailer/ Natty Dread But most of time is News Radio I got to have my politics and news. Then you have the Jimmy Buffet when I have my Parret head hat on. I just cann't get enough of the island and the ocean.
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How could I have forgotten about Marley?
The absolute king of herbal music and a great help in the cause!
Good call! love Buffet as well, we used to have a Jimmy Buffet party at the shore in the middle of Winter, crank the heat up, wear tropical shirts, drink margaritas and listen to Buffet all night long, then when nice and drunk run down and jump naked into the freezing water.
Good times...sort of...tongue.gif
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Jamey Johnson , Merle ,Waylon ,Willie and of course The Man in black
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50's..........60's............Country............P op.

Just about covers it all.

Don't like the current music much, including Rap.
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Never saw the Jerry snacks around here, but I can attest that the Timothy Leary was KABLAM!! Spent most of the evening convincing myself that I was ok. Those were some days...I tell ya.

"If I told you bout all that went down it would burn off both of your ears!"
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We're talking about music only, don't think that counts tongue.gif

I had to...no offense to anyone PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What's a CD player?

haven't bought one for a long time and i have converted all mine into mp3's but i am listening to The Godz right now...Hey Dude if you like "Extreme Banjo" try The Steeldrivers they are awesome
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Christmas music lately, but got a Billy Joel GH cd last week. Usually Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, (Rat Pack) Hank Jr. Arerosmith, J. Tull, James Brown, Styx, George Jones Jefferson Airplane, Who, Doors, C.C.R.-depends on your mood. I liked that song by Nickleback "Never Again."

Many more! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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As long as they play there own instruments and dont RAP........Dang, I guess I'll stick to the older stuff.
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Wow. First I didn't expect as many folks to chime in as they did, but I'm glad. And secondly, I mainly expected to see a lot of old school country. I'm surprised that a lot of us listen to much of the same stuff. Must be something in the smoke.

Today is was Pink Floyd's Animals and Final Cut. Great music for FiU and his hobbies. And for me while I'm trying to get some paperwork done.

Keep it coming.
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Those are great albums, Final Cut has always been one of my favorites, and watching The Wall on, well it comes in paper or mushroom form, but that is, well was, great to watch.

not these days though, too old for that crap, now it is just the 100% all natural medicinal and completely safe goodness...

I only have 2 passions, great that they both involve smoking such wonderful things.

I would have to say out of all bands my absolute favorite has been and always will be The Beatles.
Ringo has a new album coming out in Jan. by the way PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I just inherited a 400 CD disc player ( yes 400) so right now anything I want...
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Looked at my player, Meatloaf in, volume on maxicon_smile.gif
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