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Anyone have experience with hanging tenders or clod tenders?

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Hi everyone,

I was at restaurant depot this last weekend, and they had two cuts of meat that I was unfamiliar with. They were hanging tender and clod tender. Does anyone have experience with these and are they good smoked or grilled?

I have since learned that the hanging tender is also called a hanging steak or butcher's steak. The guy at the restaurant depot said they go really quickly, which would lead me to believe that they are a great value or a hidden little secret. They were really reasonably priced.
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grab all the hanger steak you can find. Usually grilled and served rare/med-rare. It's hard to come by.

The clod tender is a single muscle found in the shoulder clod. I've seen them in the market sold as petit tenders or chuck mock tender. They are pretty lean so cook accordingly.
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Now I also have a resturant depot card and I have seen the hanger steak so I guess I'll have to try one next time I'm in there.
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the hanger steak is a very nice meaty beefy tasting cut
you need to do some trimming though, if they are whole it will have a centre part which is very tough and needs to be cut out.

you also need to look at it to see the grain in order to cut it up
the grain is fairly large like a skirt steak so its easy to figure out.
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The 'hanging tender' comes from the diaphram muscle protecting the lungs. It is a stringy muscle, much like the skirt steak from the plate which is also part of it. Cooked medium rare, it can be a tender, very flavorful steak when cut across the grain. Because of it's relatively large muscle strands, however, if cooked too long it will toughen considerably and become Shoeleather Steak. Many times it's tenderized too.

Hanging Tender:

The Chuck Mock Tender comes from the top blade section of the chuck, seamed out from the backside of the blade bone: You can see it behind the vertical 7 bone on the top blade bone in the next picture:

Walmart has been featuring these lately, and I've been buying them any chance I get. They make an absolutely delicious beef roast for the oven or smoker when cooked medium to medium rare. You can also slice thick and broil too. Thin they could toughen up some, but are still more tender than eye of the round. I tie mine up to give it a more round conformity.

Whole chuck mock tender:

One I've roasted and half gone (burp! sorry!):

Don't hesitate to buy either one; cook conservatively and you'll have great dinners!
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Thanks Pops! That was exactly what I was after. I'm going to give them both a try and hopefully feature some Qview. points.giffor the detailed reply.
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