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smoking liver

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Has anyone tryed smoking liver,I love liver and onions and I make great onions in the smoker.
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Never done it but thanks for the great idea. I love liver too.Another item for the list.

I got to thinking and wondered if smoked chicken liver pate might be good too. I can almost taste it spread over a cracker.
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Chicken livers are good in the smoker but rich, don't take a long time-I like a little garlic & onion powder mmmmmmmmmmmmm!biggrin.gif
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Yes, I've smoked pig and beef liver and chicken livers in a pan, all turned out great!
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any idea on a cooked internal temp for calf liver...i got some and never thought of smoking it...liver and onions is also one of my favorites too
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I too love liver and onions. Have never smoked liver other than chicken liver. Can't wait to see your results.

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Tell us more time temps anything you know about it. Thanks
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Well its on will see
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There's only one thing I use liver for....BAIT!!!!!

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That ok I don't eat bottom sucking catfish.I live in s fl so I eat snook dolphin redfish tuna snaper smoked mackel and so on.
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I hate hijacking a thread, and this definitely belongs elsewhere, but there's something a good friend used to always say.

There's a difference between catfish and lawyers. One is a bottom feeding scum sucker. The other is a fish!

Sorry to any attorneys out there. I couldn't resist. Actually my son is a paralegal on his way to a law degree. icon_redface.gif
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