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Appetizer Test Batch Qview

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Appetizer test batch 1
I am working on some recipes for a hopefully successful party on the 4th of July. I am looking for something that can be nibbled on through the day and that will freeze well.
I know ABT’s and Fatties, but wanted to add something new.

I tried this in the oven as a test and they were really good.

Here is what I got so far,

Ready for the oven

Drizzled half with barbecue sauce

Baked in the oven


Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Cube chicken into bite size bits, layout a ½ piece of thick bacon
Next lie a piece of provolone a little less in width than the bacon on top, roll then secure with toothpick.
Crack some fresh coarse pepper on top and smoke
I did half with barbecue sauce on the top, I will omit the barbecue sauce during cooking next time

So here is what I have come up with, just wanted to run it past you guys before I do another test batch.

Bacon wrapped chicken.
Omit the Cheese and Cracked pepper if making the dipping sauces. Variation, use turkey in place of the chicken.
I will make dipping sauces, this way I can hopefully satisfy more palates.
  • Duck sauce
  • Raspberry Dipping sauce. (Cranberry dipping sauce if turkey Is used)
  • Barbecue Dipping sauce (a little red hot added). Same as chicken
Bacon wrapped beef
Also I am going to try slicing some beef about ½ the thickness of the bacon but just as wide, I figured London broil for this.
Layout the London broil spoon on some horseradish, crack some fresh pepper, wrap tightly then wrap bacon, secure with toothpick. Variation use thinly sliced roast beef from deli, spoon on some horseradish, fold each side in at a ¼ then fold in half and wrap.
I figured for the dipping sauces
  • Barbecue Dipping sauce (a little red hot added). Same as chicken
  • Teryaki (sesame oil added) dipping sauce
So I think if I make the dipping sauces that well make a lot more palates happy, although they are all sweet sauces.

Trying to also figure out a good buffalo wing chicken wrap, but want to try these out first.

Let me know what you guys think.
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your pics are not working bud
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Nice. They look great
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Look good to me! How did they taste?
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Looks great, bet they were awesome.

1 suggestion, if you have folks that don't mind hot (Spicy) , put 1/2 - 1 jalapeno inside that chicken before you wrap it up. A buddy of mine makes them like that for the deer lease and he calls them "White Wings" ( don't know why..he just does...probably after his love for Dove Hunting ) and they are AWESOME.
It's kind of his version of Armadillo Eggs
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Great idea.
Funny you say that, that is how I would like them. I was actually thinking of doing the ABT's that way, but maybe I'll try a batch with a 1/4 slice of jalapeno in it.
I can cut the chicken thinner and long and wrap the jalapeno inside the chicken. Knowing me I will try it.
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They're working on my comp. Anyone else having problems with the pics?
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nope..and the food looks great!
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They were actually pretty good for a test in the oven, I cooked them at 425 degrees for about 40 min, then had to broil them to crisp up the bacon.
The chicken stayed moist but I burnt the barbecue sauce, If I ever did these in the oven again, I would use dipping sauces for sure and not add to the meat.
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The food apps look yumo and you should be happy for either if those for sure.
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