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Which Smoker should I get for my husband for xmas?

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The Great Outdoors™ Smoky Mountain Series™ Propane Gas Smoker


Weber 18" Smokey Mountain

I've found them both secondhand for $100.


The first seems larger and might fit more ribs etc. The second seems to be a rusted brand name with lots of great reviews and resources online for use.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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My vote goes for the Weber. One thing to think about is the Weber is charcoal, and the GOSM is propane, that might make a bit of difference.

Good luck
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The Weber is the one I have experience with so I vote for that one. Kind of depends on what hubby's comfort level is. The Weber is pretty easy, but it's still charcoal so you've got to still do a little work. The other, is a little less work (I'll get hung for saying this) but it's propane. I like the taste of charcoal better. Same reason I got rid of my gas grill for doing steaks and burgers and went with a charcoal grill.

Just my $0.02.
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If it's in good shape, $100 is a good deal for the Weber... they generally sell new for nearly $300. Weber makes nice stuff.

Give your husband this web site address too! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I would go for the GOSM Wide Body myself... Propane is much easier to use and there is not that much difference in taste. JMHO

The GOSM has a large following and its own user group on yahoo groups for assistance...
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Go with the Propane! It will give you more time to be romantic with that special someone your gettin it for. Seriously Propane is a little easier to get started with. and you can always corvert it to charcoal and vise versa.
Most important of all HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
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Nice that you care enuff to ask.

I wouldn't buy you a new dress, even if you told me the dress size and color.
Too much chance to go wrong.

Smokers are a quite personal thing. You might get a charcoal when he really wanted gas. Or, vice-versa.

See if you can find out first.
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You may want to consider an MES, easy to use and almost set and forget. Do a search for MES here.
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That's a big question.

Choosing the right smoker is sort of a life style question.

Does your hubby bbq/grill now? Charcoal or gas?

Does your hubby have a lot of time to play around with cooking or does he just like to get it done without a lot of tinkering?

Your basic choices are:

Charcoal - Weber Smoky Mountain, is really a solid choice and highly recommended by many. There are also offset smokers , don't bother with the cheaper ones at home depot or lowes.

Propane - Lots of choices here but the GOSM "Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain" is highly recommended by many on this SMF.
Also the Brinkman Vertical Gas Smoker similiar to the GOSM can be found at Home Depot.

Electric - The MES "Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse", is another SMF highly recommended smoker.

Wood - for a newbie too expensive

Charcoal using the WSM mentioned above is really a great choice, the WSM is versatile can be used for both smoking and grilling, even competition BBQ teams use WSM. Depending on how much you want to spend this option could be a little high. I haven't checked prices in awhile but I think around $250+

Offsets, that are built correctly (expensive) are great, and some allow both charcoal or wood. The cheaper models are just not worth the time. Learning to properly use a offset as a cooking tool will take some practice.

Propane - is good smoker and big bang for buck, good heat control, and can get the job done. However you will have to remember to check the LP bottles for gas ( you don't want to be 9 hours in on a 12 hour smoke and discover you are out of Propane tank is empty, if that happens at 3am you are really stuck). Often many owners modify their Propane Smokers for optimal performance. Most require you to buy a propane tank.

Electric - Electric is the least expensive fuel source, and in the MES case, gives very consistent heat, with some bonus features, that produce great smoked meat. Of all the smokers electric is probably the easiest to use and learn.

If your hubby likes to tinker and baby sit his work, then he won't mind the Charcoal, though the WSM runs so smooth and requires very little constant attention.

If he is already into grilling, has a couple of propane tanks, then propane may be the way to go, however most propane units are not insulated, so how cold it is will be a factor in keeping a consistent smoking temp, which is important for consistent results. Propane is almost as easy as electric, except for the fuel hassle.

Electric works great for busy people, who want things simple and easy. The MES 30" can be purchased for under $200, the 40" is more expensive. Insulated cabinet, digital control sets temp and timer. Once the meat is in wood can be added from an external wood loading tray, and the digital thermometer tells you what temp your cooking at, plus you can set a timer to turn it off automatically.

A great info source on BBQ Smokers is:
How to buy a smoker
Choosing a Charcoal Smoker
Gas or Propane Smokers
Electric Smokers

Your hubby is a lucky guy to have his sweetie hook him up with a new smoker... Merry Christmas
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Welcome to the SMF. As for the smoker, I think the GOSM gasser would be a good choice.
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Welcome to the SMF. Myself I'm partial to charcoal so I would go with the Weber IMHO.
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Go with the Weber. Lump charcoal all the way.
Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay!
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I'd go with the GOSM! I have one and it is a delight to use and does a great job.

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semi-retiring my GOSM gasser on x-mas day(bought it in September I think, now I have a new WSM assembled in the garage ready to go), main reason: I really missed the taste of meat smoked using lump charcoal vs gas..

good luck with your purchase.

happy holidays.
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Sorry Dude, I just couldn't resist!!!! lmao
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welcome and im sure he wouldn't get mad at ya for gettin him BOTH! both are good bargains...........
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WSM is a great tool, I dont know about the GOSM.


WSM 18" and ribs throw me for a bit of a loop. Even bigger briskets need to be trimmed. I dont know about the GOSM and how wide it is.

Might want to find out what kinda foods he likes. Pulled Pork / briskets / fatties? WSM for sure. Ribs and chicken? maybe the GOSM has better dimensions fot this?

I never used charcoal before the WSM and it doesnt take long to learn vs propane.
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Great posts everyone! I'm searching for my first smoker and this is very helpful to me as well.
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I have the GOSM big block.. It is 24" wide and can handle a full slab of ribs without having to cut them to fit. I have used charcoal in the past and now the gasser. Cannot tell much difference in state IMHO. I like the GOSM for ease of use, there is not quite as much time "tending the fire"
If you are going to buy a new one fropm Bass Pro there are 2 different size the smaller I think is only 16" wide. The difference in price I think is $30, spend the little more and buy the bigger one. It is well worth the extra $30.
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I would go with the GOSM. It is easy to use and plenty of space. If he likes both then for $200 you have a pretty sweet setup. Merry Christmas!
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