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What size are MES 30" racks?

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Hey, can anyone tell me what size the racks are for the MES 30"? I was thinking about ordering some frog mats, but whenever I think of it, I'm at work...thanks!
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Here are the exterior and interior sizes.

2.53 cubic feet of cooking space
Powder-coated steel construction
Measures 33-1/2" x 20" x 17"

That was all I could find. I have the 40' so I can't help you. Maybe someone that has one can help.
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My kid has my 30" MES so I can't help you today, but what is a frog mat, I searched google a little and didn't find anything
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Mark, I measured them from my 30" MES.
They are 12 1/2" front to back.
14 1/2" side to side.

What are frog matts????
post #5 of 8 they will custom make any size you need todays a last do sale 2 for 1 deal
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The precut 10" X 13" for $7.99 would be a pretty nice fit for a 30" MES rack in case their charge for custom orders is too high.
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I see they mention this:

Bradley Electric
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
10" x 13"
See my Distributor Below for this size
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email mike at frogmats he will hook you up
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