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some butt slices and baby backs

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the other day when I made a batch of sausage I had too much pork so I
slabbed off 4 big slices of the butt. I seasoned them up last night with some magic dust, galic and rosemary. also seasoned up a rack of baby backs the same way minus the rosemary. going to do the low and slow no foil method for 6 hrs. they are going into the GOSM shortly over hickory and wild grape.
will get spritzed with apple juice/ captn. Morgan rum while they smoke.
will post more Qview later on
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Looks good so far. Keep the qview comin'! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks good so far for sure. So keep us informed as the smoke goes on. Then we will google over the finished product too.
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6 hours in the Gosm never above 220*
not as much smoke ring as I have seen but
Its because of the lower heat. the smoke is there,
I tasted a little sample and they have wonderful taste.
the wild grape vine gave them a little sweet taste
along with the hickory, the bark from the apple juice and captain is fantastic.
they are foiled and in the oven on warm waiting for the better half
to get home from work. then its dinner, along with mashed sweet taters and green beans.

thanks for looking
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Let us know what you thought of the butt steaks.I did 4 in july and they were good.I smoked em at 265 degree and they were tasty.
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They look good...
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the butt steaks were delcious!
melt in your mouth tender as ever
I will for sure do them again
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Looks great Uncle Lar...Nice job.
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They look so good. Great Job!
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