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Wagyu Brisket

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Hello I wanna somke a wagyu brisket but I don't know where to buy one and whats a good price to pay. I don't want to pay more then it's worth or my wife will kill me. Any tips on how to prepare it or a good place to purchase it will be great.

Thank You,

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Your wife will kill you any way.It is way to much money for a brisket...for me...but honestly I would if I could...good luck I to am curious how much they are. I would guess $400 or so. I could be WAY off tho
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This will give you an idea.


To rich for my blood. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Ok I am waaaaaay off. here is a link to some for sale. it says 3.99 a pound. I am not sure what grade this is...I have read that kobe is rated all the way to 12. Our american choice cuts rank around a 5-7 I guess. Any ways doesn't sound to crazy of a price to me. If I was competing I would use it.
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$40.00 for a 10lb brisket is not as bad as I thought. I don't know I could bring myself to buying it but much cheaper than I expected.
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GOOD LUCK! Outta my league. Hell, if it's that good, what good is all of this BBQ knowledge we are seeking as we turn the average cut into something superb???

Seriously, a friend of mine told me a story of payin over $80 for a kolbe steak back in his good o'l day's, and still claims it is (was) the best steak he ever had...so there must be something to it.

You gotta keep us in the loop if you decide to go for it.
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here is a source for you...

Wagyu is the best beef I have ever eaten. Until the first of the year I was travelling all over the US working with Food Manufacturers...working with these guy's and being on expense account I had the opportunity to eat some pretty awesome meals on the company dime... the fat in Wagyu will quite literally melt in your mouth from your body heat - it is really incredible. When you cook it, watch your temps real close... it cooks a little quicker (especially steaks...and you DON'T want to go past m. rare or you may as well buy some Walmart steaks!). The top que teams don't compete with anything else! order yourself a couple of ribeyes or better yet a prime rib for xmas...you got to do it once just to say you did!!!
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Trimble, MO, eh? Who'da thunk it. That's just 2 hours away from the Geek's house. I think I'll have to hit them up on a road trip sometime. Though, I think for a smaller cut as the brisket is just too ruch for my blood. I'm one of those guys who goes to walmart every day waiting for the discount on the cryo with a hole in it. Usually requires quite a bit of trimming, but I rarely pay any more than $12-13 for a whole brisket.
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True Dat!

But there's always something to be said for starting with the best ingredients.
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wagyu beef

thank you guys for the replies my wife going to let me smoke one when she gets back from her cristmas vaction. I cant wait for january to come,
I just hope i dont screw it up.

thanks again
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Your wife will KILL you and then sell the pieces as WAGYU with the nice marblingand all. We just call thats kind of marbling veins.
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You do understand that we will want to see this cook in all it glory. Like Bubba says-"No pics-never happened!"icon_mrgreen.gif
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I agree, I had some pastrami made from a Wagyu brisket(buddy cured the brisket himself as well), and smoked on a BGE this past weekend, and it was the best pastrami I have ever eaten.
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Holy crap on that first site it was $1,000 for 9lbs!?!?!?!? YIKES!
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Until this crap economy turns and I get back to work this is as close as I'll get to Kobe.

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Best of luck on your adventure! I am curious though. Have you considered cutting your teeth on a less expensive brisket before going all in with a WAGYU?
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I have done about 6 briskets so far and i wanna do one this weekend but it all depends on work. I know it not alot to most of the guys on here but my wifes sisters and bothers are all in FFA or 4H so when it time to sloughter they send me up some cuts beef, lamb and turkey becuase most of the time the family buy it back its kinda nice but a killer for shipping but like my wife tells me it for a good cuase.
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My apologies, I got the impression from your first post that this was your first one. Sounds like you have already cut your teeth several times over! I'm sure you will do just fine.
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A whole flat or an actual full packer?
I thought I was getting good prices on packers for $1.86lb averaging $20-$30 depending on the size I go for.

I don't know that I would risk trying it out unless I was more familiar with the meat itself.
Maybe get a few steaks, cold smoke them and then sear them?
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