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Holly Molley - Christmas Score W/Qview

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Went to visit my butcher friend for some meat for my SIL in Utah for some Christmas present goodies.

They had bone in NY strip for $2.99 and Prime rib for $3.99. We were talking about the differences and he said "If you want I'll give you the prime for $2.99."

Holy crap I thought, didn't take more than a second to make up my mindicon_smile.gif, so here was what I brought home.

I saved more than I spent.

Excuse the messy counter with all the dog meds and other crap Carol was working on.

Nice marbeling. I hand picked the best two.icon_wink.gif I first took one and went back and got one for our Christmas dinner.

I am going to make a salamie out of this.

Here is one from last year.

I saved about 40 something dollars and spent less than 30.icon_smile.gificon_wink.gif
I still have to get a butt tomorrow for pulled pork. She will be getting a prime rib, salamie, and pulled pork.
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great price on the meat, ronp!!
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Yes I am thinking about getting a few more primes and freezing them.

Why not 2.99 a pound? Almost cheaper than hamburger, I see 90 % burger that much.
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nice score Ron, cant wait to see the qviews from those mmm
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Ron, those look "great"!!!!!!!!!!!! You get right back there and buy as many as you can for that price!!!!! What a steal!!!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Wow I need a butcher friend like that. Prime rib in the smoker or prime rib any way is always great.
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very nice score ron!!!!!!!
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Nice score Ron. Proof that being nice to people is the most under used form of currency.
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