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I did exactly that on one of my first smokes. Rubbed it the night before with a mustard base, then I figured heck if one rub is good two would be better right? So I rubbed it again. The bark was way to thick and a bit to soggy for my taste when it finished but my wife loved it that way. Now every time I do ribs I have to have half of them double rubbed the way she likes them and the other half with just a light rub on them the way I like. I created more work for myself and an extra 1/2 day to get the rub on the way she likes it. Lots of people like the thicker bark it seems.

You didn't do it wrong you just did it wrong for you. Does that even make sense?

Thats a really nice looking smoker and your Q all looked fine to me.

PS A second reason for putting poultry on the bottom is that it drips more fat than other meats usually and will make the bark on anything underneith it soggy with yucky chicken fat. It will add that Chicken fat flavour to your other meats, Abt's etc. Thats why I like bacon wrapped products like abt's on top to drip that awesome bacon flavour over everything.

Pork fat rules! Chicken drools!
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Thanks. I think I might leave off the mustard next time and apply a rub that is not so sweet. When we eat at a BBQ Restaurant, I always request sauce on the side and not on the ribs, and seldom use it. So, I guess you're correct - that's just me. Was the pull off the bone about right or did I smoke too long?

Thanks again. Your comments really help this amateur...
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As for the tenderness of the ribs. I noticed you took them off @ 172* I would say that taking them to a bit higher temp would prabobly helped get them more tender. I usually don't look at the internal temp when i cook ribs. To me it is all about the time they cook and when they feel done, i.e. good pull back from bones, racks bend alot when you pick them up in the center, and the bones should pull from the rack easily with little to no meat stuck to them. If you Are aiming for an enternal temp though maybe 180-185* In any case, as mentioned above, 3-2-1 method will always produce some very tender ribs. the foiling really does the trick.

Nice smoke and hope to see more from you soon...
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GnuBee - You may have nailed it! The "bark" or what I considered too much rub, was actually soft even at the conclusion of the smoke. That might be the poulty fat from above we were tasting! "Chicken drools" - I will remember that...
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Everything looked alright but I would put the bids on the bottom always. As far as your dissappointment with the other ribs thats how we learned here. We eat our mistakes and learn to smoke for another day. as far as the sauce I always make my own and the family loves it but I haven't made any n a month or so just because the meat has such a good flavor itself. It doesn't need any help for sure. So eat it up and then learn and smoke on.
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Mballi - Thank you and I shall do as you say...
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I don't know that that was the problem. I had the same problem the one time I did ribs (though I'll be trying again - I just love them too much!), and have been kinda scared to try again since. I never equated it too much rub. The rub on mine never became a bark, really, just was moist and almost a paste type of texture. The good news is, I was able to scrape that off and have some pretty good ribs (they were done and tasty), but I need to figure out where I went wrong on the rub.
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iSmoke - Yes, when we scrape off the soft ectoskeleton, they are pretty good ribs!
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Did you do the 3-2-1 method?
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No sir, I didn't. I smoked @ 172* for six hours and never wrapped in foil. Additionally, I unwisely placed the ribs under smoking poultry! It is 3-2-1 in my smoker from now on...
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