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BBQ'd CSR's Stir Fry- Thanks RonP!

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Hey RonP, looks like you've started a mini-Yoshida's revolution here at the forum....what with everyone starting to use Yoshida's just like you do! A big thanks for that, cause it's some good stuff. All those posts with interesting ways to use it got me thinkin....

Yesterday I barbecued some picnics and CSR's. You can check out the rainy, cold smoke here:

Today, I took the CSR leftover's and chopped them up. Put them into a bowl and marinaded them in Yoshidas for about 2 hours. Got the Yoshida's from BBQENGINEER, since I can't get it local-

Took some celery, spring onions and carrots and sauteed these in a bit of sesame oil-

Added the marinaded CSR's-

Wow, does that smell good! After heating it through, tossed in some broccoli and brussel sprouts-

Meanwhile, I'd made a pot of wild rice that I got from an exchange with 3MONTES, and to this I mixed in a cup of white rice-

The final meal was perfect! The spicy barbecue flavor of the pork was perfect with the Yoshidas, and made for a great lunch watching football-

Thanks for the inspiration RONP, as well as the rest of you Yoshida-users!
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That is my kinda meal john.Looks fantastic and some awesome ingredients.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I should finaly have some fresh brussels this week myself.
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That makes me hungry!! Thanks for sharing.
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[beautiful meal john, as always. there ain't nothing that beats the smell of onions, carrots and celery sauteing as part of the base to some great dish, is there? an excellent stir-fry putting some excellent bbq to work. good job!
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looks like some good stuff!
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I envy you Alex, you have the best garden! I'm sure your brussels sprouts are much better tasting than the frozen ones I used. If you remember, share some pics of your sprouts, maybe I can talk myself and Mrs Rivet into trying to grow them again next year.

Thanks, know it, leftovers are the basis of some of the best meals!

Thanks, bud! How'd yours turn out? Thought you were gonna throw some on yesterday...

Appreciate everyone's kind words, and Merry Christmas to you all!
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Looks Great John...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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John, I am glad to have inspired you also, your dish looks great. Nice to see folks steping out of the box. We have a great membership here that can learn new methods and experiments, Thanks for sharingpoints.gif
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That's a fine looking meal!

Amazing the simple and bold yet complex levels of flavor that Yoshida's has.
Went to their website and they offer somewhere around 20+ different sauces and marinades, shame the aren't more available around the US.
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That's a fine looking meal, Rivet! I need to start using my Yoshida's more often.
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Wow, what a great comfort food. I really like the idea of using those veggies and rice along with the leftover Q. Lots of great flavors going on. Very nice job on the plating pic. Congrats John.
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John - thought you would like to know that you inspired me to try some smoked pork stir fry. Had some left over ribs from the weekend, so trimmed off the meat, sauted some mushrooms, snow peas, bell pepper, and bok choy. Steamed it for a few minutes. Toss in the pork, garlic, ginger, and a sauce from dark soy, mirin, hosin, and corn starch.

Turned out great. Didn't get any pictures - it dissapeared too fast.

Anyway, thanks for the idea.

Still looking for Yoshida's here in Houston.
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Hey John, sounds like an awesome stir-fry what with the snow peas and bok choy! Grated ginger is always a plus, too.

Check out or there was a thread in here the other day on where to get it and I think you could order it through both. Also, Check with RonP, he may have some more leads.
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