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Baby Backs in vertical smoker

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do you guys cut your racks in half to fit in a vertical smoker ?
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When I used my ecb for smoking ribs, yes, I had to cut them in half so they would fit. No shame in doing so biggrin.gif
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I have half wondered this for some time now.

It has NO affect on the way they cook??? (should I have typed effect??)
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You'll want to make sure that if you do cut them in half, the side with the smaller amount of meat/fat should be kept on the top rack, the thicker half should be on the bottom rack. The thinner half may be ready to pull from the smoker a tad earlier than the more meatier half.
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AHHHA!!!! OK, makes perfect sense!!! thx for that...
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Yea you have to cut your ribs to fit it on your smoker. It is no problem at all and it wont effect them one bit.
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I think the only time I've never cut them was when I smoked them on my grill. Now I have the rib rack kurtsara sent to me so I can stand a bunch of them in one spot but they'll still have to be cut to fit in the ECB or the RO. They'll cook up just fine as long as you follow the good advice of thinner/smaller higher.

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yup i have to for now...........for me i put the larger cuts on top since i get a higher temp on top.
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I never cut them on my ECB....just bend them till they fit.
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If you buy a MES 40" no need to cut rib racks. 4 shelves 4 per shelf (using standing racks) or 16 wonderful racks of ribs. I have done up to 12 racks of ribs, not bad for really a fairly small footprint smoker.
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I used to cut them to fit my small GOSM. But since I got the Smoke Vault 24 I have not had to cut the ribs to fit. icon_mrgreen.gif
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On the small GOSM I had to cut the larger racks of spares, but BB's I could leave whole, and just angle and bend them a little to fit.

On the WSM no cutting needed for either.
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You can always roll them if you don't want to cut them.
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that's how I do it

with a little imagination you'll make it

much pleasure with smoking
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I can weasle a slab of ribs on my WSM, but I've been finding that the ends typically are more done...dare I say a tad burnt? I'm assuming this is due to the heat rising along the circumference of the smoker - around the water pan. Next time I'm going to cut in half.
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