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Smoked stuffed Mushrooms

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I have seen stuffed mushrooms from the oven so I gotta think you can smoke them also. Has anyone done this?
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Do a search for them and use Erain as part of the search, he did some awsome ones.
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I've stuffed white button mushrooms with extra abt filling before...they came out awesome!

just give'em a try! they're delicious!
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Erain did make some killer smoked portabella mushrooms. Here's the link:

Erain's stuffed mushrooms

With the holidays approaching this is definitely on my appetizer list!
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I have never smoked mushrooms but then alot of things that I have seen here that I haven't smoked yet. The key works is YET. But I like the shrooms that Erain did they looked really good too specially with the marshmellows. J/k
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LOL Mark, I thought the same thing when I saw the initial pics "why is he topping them with marshmellows?" (for those that have not seen the link, it was mini balls of fresh mozzeralla)
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I smoke shrooms all the time. I toss them with EVOO and whatever seasoning blend catches my eye that day. If I'm going to stuff them I remove the stems and place them in the smoker, on the rack cap up for about 20-30 mins to allow most of the juice to drip out. I then flip them over, add the stuffing and finish them in the oven under the broiler.

If I'm smoking them as a side dish or to make a sauce or stock with, I toss as above and put them on a sheet pan with a bit of white wine and smoke for about 20 mins if a side or until they just start to shrivel up a but if for sauce or stock. I do these on a pan in order to catch all the juices to add to the sauce/stock.
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they turn out great on the smoker, here are some I did recently inspired by erain:
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I do them with my ABT's all the time. My wife can't take the heat from ABT's, so I put some of the filling in white button cap mushrooms, wrap in bacon and toss on with the ABT's. They are really, really, good! biggrin.gif
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