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Is Peach Wood Safe?

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Is peach wood safe? I know the pit has arsnic in the center so is the wood itself safe to cook with?
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Peach wood is 100% safe to use, no worries.
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absolutely.........Lotsa people use it..No worries
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excellent, we have apple and peach orcards about 10 miles from my house. I can get all the trimmings i want for free. I may even be able to get pear wood too. and Maple I have a boat load.
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Love peach wood for a light smoke flavor...chicken turkey and such all do well with peach.
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Im not dead yet.Very good for smoking as mentioned.....
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Not only is it safe but it is also an excellent wood to use.. Imparts a milder flavor and is often used with fish or poultry...
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Just make sure you season it before you use it.
Average is one year but you can cut into small chunks and season in as little as 4-6 months depending.

Just got my hands on some maple so I'm going to cut the smaller branches into 4x4 chunks and figure it should be well seasoned come Spring time.
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Not to hijack this thread but why do you have to let it season if you are going to wet when you use it? Can you use it fresh from the tree?
Think I asked this yesterday but it didn't show up.
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Yes sir I have seen it at the wood gettin store a bunch of times too.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Nope you better send it all to me for proper disposal biggrin.gif

Like others have said, it will provide a sweet mellow flavor.
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If you use it green (not seasoned) its got sap in it and moisture and first it wont burn good and it will put off black bitter smoke. You would not be able to eat the food it would taste horrible. It would be like smoking a cigar or cigarette with green tobacco leaves.....Somone else will chime in on this one Im sure shortly......
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Thanks for the info. That does make sense.
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Doesn't Myron, the smoker on that BBQ Pitmaster show, use peach wood?
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H uses liquid smoke and Kingsford...............
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Guess I better try that then biggrin.gif hahaha

Is there a liquid smoke that gives meat a smoke ring? icon_wink.gif
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Nope!!!!!!!!!!! That guy is terrible and I dont like the show...Shouldnt have posted that..Sorry
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Sure. Don't try to eat it, or shove it up yer nostrils. Or grab it hot out of the pit. McDonald's disclaimer....
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Hey, it's all good! I watch it just cause it's the only BBQ show I can find on tv and my wife will actually watch it with me cause she loves that reality show crap.

Anyway, I still want to try peach wood. I've heard of other people using it and liking it.
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