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Aloha All,

Well .....When I went to turn off the reciever of my Maverick E-73 the little slider switch broke off..... I tried using a paper clip to slide whatever nub was left but the plastic switch did not leave much for the paperclip to grab a hold of.

Is there any fix for this?...Or do I need to order a new one? Just thought I'd ask ..
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I would call Maverick and see what they say. Unless you droped it, it shouldn't have broken.
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Call Maverick and ask for Elizabeth.
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Aloha , Old poi dog It may pay you to Check out the OTBS nomination thread. You might be really surprised at who has been nominated this month. Hint Hint...about 1/2 way down the page... Here's the Link.
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Aloha Gnu Bee,

I am honored that you and at least another person (Fire it up) have confidence in my abilities. I am a long way from a lot of the great people here, but I'd be even further back if it weren't for the assist you and others on SMF have provided me.

Hopefully I can get my Maverick's problem remedied in time to do my first buckboard bacon...(with q-views if all goes well)..
I wouldn't even attempt it if not for the great info I've been receiving from everyone here.
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Oneshot and Ron,

Thanks guys, I'll call em on Monday. Wish me luck.
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Good luck and Congratulations both...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrat's also.

Good luck they are pretty good.

Tell Elizebeth you heard here, she was the best. Butter her up.icon_smile.gif
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Maverick customer service - tops!

Aloha! From what I've read on the site regarding Maverick customer service, you should be fine and they'll do what they can to help remedy the problem. Nothing but rave reviews from the forum members that have had to call their customer service line.

Good luck! Mahalo!
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i have dealt with Elizebeth on a couple of probe problems and was happy both times.
i have seen a thread somewhere on a replacement switch instalation.see if i can find it
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I have never dealt with the maverick people so. I have heard that they are really good to the custumers. Congrats on the nomination too It's a honor for sure.
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Ron, are you sure that wasn't a 900 number??? tongue.gif
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Aloha All,

I called Maverick Industries this morning and by coincidence it was Elizabeth that took my call. She's going to send me a replacement reciever. Wow!!!....Very Nice Lady, and Very Good Customer Service....
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gotta love good CS!
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