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My first Turkey.

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Decided to go quick and dirty on this one. I used the beer can method on this one.

Little 12.7lb beauty ready for the smoke.

after 4 hours at 275

I'll be cutting in shortly, and shooting a q-vue.
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Looks great nice job points.gif for a fine first
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looks great I enjoy smokin my turkeys chickens game hens ........ heck i enjoy smoking everything
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I hope thats a tall boy there. It looks great and enjoy it points.giffor sure and for pulling off your first turkey smoke.
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looks great almost like tree rings around the butt how long was it in?
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Looks good, beautiful color!
What kind of wood did you use...
any cherry in the mix? Color looks like it could have cherry but I could be wrong.
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nice lookin bird!
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I smoked it with hickory. Not too shabby, but next time I will brine and spend more time with it. The breasts are not as moist as I had hoped for but I did over cook it a bit. Went to 175 in the breast. icon_redface.gif

The dark meat is super yummy however.

I can't wait for my next smoke.
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I find brining it makes all the difference in the world and can impart some nice flavors as well
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Wow wonderful color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta see some finished product!!!!!!!
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i love the color on that bird! Nice job!
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Looks Great, beautiful bird...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice bird. I will say that brining does smake a huge difference. Give it a try and you will never go with out it again. My family wants me to brine the bird even if it goes in an oven.
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Nice job and color for first time.
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Nice looking bird, did you use anything else to hold it upright or just the legs and the can up it's butt?

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Fine looking bird! Man, we need smell a forum!
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Looks great dude! Way to go!
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