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Bruce's PORK-U-PINE ~ w/pics

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A quick and easy way to make an entree that doubles as a conversation piece.

As a preface, I came up with the name "Pork-U-Pine" because I would split a pork loin and place a hot link (or links) inside and sew the split back closed. Once, I had forgotten the twine to close the loin, so I used toothpicks instead. A friend came by and told me he thought it looked a bit like a porcupine. The tooth picks reminded him of quills. Today, I no longer split the loin open.

First, take a boneless loin, a package of hot links, and your favorite dry rub. (I like using Head Country Seasoning.)

I cut the loin to where it is just a bit longer than the hot link I am going to insert inside and slice into one end to accomplish the task. Once the loin is cut, try to put a small amount of rub on the inside. Then, insert the link inside the loin. Rub the outsides of the loin liberally.

Place on the smoker @ around 250-275 degrees. (Note) Other items seen in the pics are: two half pork loins, hot links, jalepeno/cheddar links, and skirts trimmed off of ribs.

After the loin has cooked for 60-90 minutes, depending on your heat and smoke, pan it up, place a temperature probe in your thickest piece, and cover. Cook until the loin reaches 170 degrees. (Almost there in the pic)

After allowing the loin to rest after removal (15-20 minutes), slice the meat into 1/4" slices. Add some toothpicks for decorative function. (They are also handy for use when you're finished eating.) There is a really nice smoke ring on this batch, it didn't show up very well in the pics.

This dish stays very moist because of the link being on the inside. The seasonings and the fat of the link will cook through the loin. One needs to make sure that the loin is long enough that the end cut for insertion will seal back up after the link is inserted. If it doesn't, you may need to use a skewer or toothpicks to close the end up.

Trust me, when folks see the link in the middle of the loin, they'll start asking questions!

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That looks great, and love the name.
Thought he smoker looked a bit lonely judging from the first pic, glad some other meats joind the party.
Were the links precooked?
Just curious because I like to pull my loins when they hit 145-150 but if raw links I understand cooking to 170.
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looks good and nice idea......Was the links precooked???
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Yes they are uncooked links. I wanted the fat to cook out of them and into the loin.
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So what temp do you cook it to????????
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great idea!
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I cook it to 170 degrees. My wife only eats meat well done.
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Ahhhhhhh.......nice thinking!
Didn't even take that into account. That has to add a wonderful flavor to the meat, just added this onto the top of my list of things to smoke, thanks PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great Job. I have to ask, what kind of smoker is that? It looks really nice. Nice and roomy.
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Nice idea, looks great.
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It is a home built rig my father originally built. After his passing a decade ago, my brother and I inherited it. My brother competes in a few KCBS contests each year and made a few mods to it. Most noteable is a warming box, a small charcoaler (to finish competition chicken) and bass-themed decorations. Here are some pics:

He has since built a new smoker which is a 16ft. double smoker. The fire box is in the middle with cooking chamber on each end. Here are some pics of it (brother included):

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I would have never thought to put a hot link inside a pork loin for flavor. But now that you have thought of it, it does sound pretty good to. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Let me encourage you to consider using hot links from a local butcher or packing house. In my opinion, you avoid preservatives used by commercial entities and the spices used by locals seem to have more flavor than the packaged stuff.

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Dang that's a great idea that I have to try, thanks for sharing..
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Beautiful smoke ring on that pork loin. Thanks for sharing!! points.gif
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Is it wrong that this picture turned me on a little bit? icon_redface.gif

Awesome idea.

points.giffor giving us all something new that I have a feeling we're gonna see a few of these in the near future.
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Maybe, maybe not...........icon_mrgreen.gif

I'm hoping others try it soon and report back. Looking at other threads and loin recipes, I'm wondering if I could wrap some provolone around the link before insertion. Or something else that would augment the link/pork combination.

I love brainstorming new combinations!rolleyes.gif
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[quote=The Dude Abides;403212]

Is it wrong that this picture turned me on a little bit? icon_redface.gifquote]

Yes, yes it is. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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