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Well, I've held out all week waiting for it warm up here in Western Colorado, and it just ain't gonna do it so I wanted to go with a relatively short smoke for tomorrow.
I pulled out four pork chops from our Thanksgiving butcher and MAN! they are even bigger than I remember them being - some good hogs this year.

Have them marinading in a mixture of two fresh squeezed oranges, some apple juice, some italian dressing, and one of my new favorites - sundried tomato dressing.

Will be a good test for my smoker - have never smoked in sub Zero weather with it yet.

Check out the size of these babies!

Will have the finished product tomorrow (may have grill marks on it before I'm finished!).

Thanks for checking out my Monster Chops
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Those things look HUGE!
I was just commenting in another thread about looking forward to your monster chops and then here they are PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Good luck smoking in the cold.
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WOW, Did you get them off of HogZilla? Those are the largest Pork Chops I ever saw...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks, Fire It Up!
They are big this year - from a 2 yr old sow that was a 4H champion, just wouldn't produce.

Here's why I'm concerned! (this was Monday night), and it's been as cold as 16 below this week. Heat wave today - 22 just a few minutes ago!

Thanks for looking.
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now dems sum chops!
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man hope i remember to come back to this one.
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Those things are huge, Tracey! If you have too much there, just pass one over this way!biggrin.gif
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There should be a'plenty!

Well it's tomorrow, so I fired up the smoker to thaw it out. Lucky for me and Bassman, it has warmed up and is now raining... guess my sub-zero test will have to wait, but that's fine with me!

MC's seasoned with a little rub, garlic, and season all salt (that's a full size pizza pan!)


Set at 250 with hickory and apple.

thanks for checking out my pork chops.
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Now I'm hungry!
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You aint kidding, those things are huge!
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Wow, I'd love to get the butts off them shoulders... you could make a rope of sausage ½ mile long with 'em!
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Dang it where's 'em chops at. They're probably eating them without us right now.
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No, not yet! I'm filing my first complaint to Admin on this site... Who the HE@# let Mother Nature on this site??! I know she read my last post and just smiled.. cuz wasn't 30 minutes after I put the chops on that the wind kicked up and it is COLDDDD!! Guess that's my fault.

Still smok'en... will definetly post the final results.
Have to admit... there was a time there that I did look over at the o'l grill...
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Hang in there WallE, those chops/half hogs will be well worth the wait on the smoker. I can't remember the last time I even used my grill. icon_redface.gif
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All done - finally!

MC's with some mashed taters, corn, and of course, apple sauce!

That's a wrap! gonna eat now.
Thanks for checking out my pork chops.
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OK, I have to give you points.giffor smoking in the rain and having those chops turn out perfect!
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I was gonna give ya points for those delicious lookin Monster Chops but, ya didn't give me yer addresss so now I'm starving!!!! LMAO
Ok, I'll give ya points.....still laughing......icon_mrgreen.gifpoints.gif
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Walle...really? no photoshopping these things???!!! those are the biggest I ever saw!!! Wow! thats some big pig!

must have some points for that points.gif

and you cooked them perfect...
I've got to go slice off a piece of something to eat...
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Great job! Makes me hungry, again.
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that is a great looking smoke
Man I am hungry now
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