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First Fatty

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This is my first fatty attempt. I dont have any pictures from the making but I think it turned out pretty good and everybody at work loved it. Now I have to bring one every Friday, but thats ok. I just used some hot breakfast sausage and sharp cheddar cheese for the stuffing.

After the Fatty was made.

After the rub went on.

After the smoke and cutting, got to anxious to take a picture after it rested.

Thanks for looking.
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Great looking fattie. Much better than my first attempt.

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Great first attempt!!! Nice job with the weave!
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Success!!! Congrats on a wonderful looking Fattie and thanks for sharing!
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Looks great to me! MMMMMMMMMMMM cheese............
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Very nice on your first try. I hope you don't take any pork butt ar a smoked turkay to work or your job scope may change for awhile. points.gifhave to go with the first fattie. I thinks it's law or something.
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I like that!
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Great job!
If you have to do them every week you can really start to get creative and amaze everyone over and over again!
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Yeah........ You never forget your first fatty.
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Looks Great for the first time at a fattie...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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