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Friday night butt smoke with Qview

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Couldn't think of anything more fun to do tonight than smoke a couple butts for a work party tomorrow... My local QFC had a smokin' deal on boston butts, $0.99/lb and buy one get one free!!! Also a dollar ten a pound for country style ribs and buy one get one free on the chuck roasts so i stocked up on those too. Anyway, all night smoke here we go! I am trying out Bilbo's rub and sauce on these... So far so good. Got the rub on and then injected the butts with apple juice/water and the butts on the smoker, and the sauce simmerin'. I will post more pics when they're done.

Bilbo's recipe

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Looks good!
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Very nice man. looks good.
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Heck of a savings on those butt's. Man this sucks not being able to smoke.

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Looks like a greta start there bubba.....Keep us informed of yur progress
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Some more pics for everyone. I put the butts on at 8:30pm, and mopped every hour until i finally had to get some zzz's at around 1am. So I wrapped them both in foil and turned down the temp a little to 225. Woke up at 6am to check temps and what a surprise... Shoulder internal was just a smidge above 200, perfect timing!. So i pulled them off, used a turkey baster to pull off the juices and started pulling! Poured juice over the top when done and man oh man i think this is one of the best i've done. Thanks Bilbo for the recipe, this rub is killer!

Some decent smoke for having been foiled for 5 hrs...

Thanks everyone for the tips and tricks. I owe a lot to the members of this site. Enjoy the Qview!
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Great looking pulled pork !!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking PP..That close up shot is killer...Points for surepoints.gif
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Great looking pork and a nice deal on them too PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh wow that looks good.
Nice close-up shot, so juicy and succulent!
You definitely deserve points for that.
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They look Great and the qview is excellent...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks fellas, it turned out great! I prob have maybe a pound left over is all. Bilbo's rub and sauce are awesome by the way... The sauce was a little firery for my liking initially, but once it simmered for 6 hrs or so man that stuff is money. And the rub, holy cow I will definitely be making that agin. Major points.gifto Bilbo for sharing his recipe's!!! Can't wait for my next smoking adventure!
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Nice, that is some awesome looking pork. Great job...points.gif
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Awesome job. Great lookin pulled pork!
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