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Need Salt Cure For Jerky

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I ran out of salt cure that I have been using for a long time.I got it from an old butcher shop thats no longer around.On the bag it says : RE-LY-ON FAST CURE, Salt ,Sodium Nitrite 6% ,Sodium Nitrate 3% .I was using 2 TBS per 3 Lbs. of meat.What is the next best thing to use and at what rate.Thanks
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i like tender-quik.
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I would suggest Mortons Tender Quick but you may want to check some recipes, I'm thinking about 1 tsp per lb of meat but it's been a while since I used it.
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Tender Quick 1 tbs per pound. But check the bag.
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The ingredients in what you had sounds like Morton's Tender Quick like already mentioned or maybe their Sugar Cure.
Here's a link to there product locator so you can find it in your area. Product locator
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I'm with the whole herd here Tender Quick and go with the package for amounts.
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