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Its an 84 but the original owner modified the racks so I lost a little space but sliding racks top and bottom is kinda nice.

Geneo is the one who's daughter is part of the team and put this fund raiser on we had a pretty good time other than the rain. Welcome to the site Gene
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Thanks Jerry,

That last batch was absolutely perfect for my taste and liking. The one I took home pulled beautifully and made some outstanding sandwiches. In fact I may stay up till midnight tonight just to eat another sandwich. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

For the question on the whole butt sale. Yes we sold them whole. People take their bbq pork pretty serious in this neck of the woods. The other thing is the community has done a great job of supporting the team and our girls and they'll buy a butt for $30 because they feel it's a great cause. As I mentioned before Jerry, Grouper Sandwich, and I did ribs for my daughter this past summer and we pre-sold every plate. I bought the exact number of racks needed to fill the orders and we smoked 16 racks. After everyone came to get their food there were seven racks left. We looked back over the list to make sure I hadn't miss counted and there were people that simply didn't show up. It was their way of donating without just giving money away. As a side note that wasn't the case today. Every butt was picked up and from the feedback I've gotten so far Jerry has a future in this business. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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GREAT JOB JERRY. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Holy cow that is huge. Nice job Jerry.
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Awesome smoke. Points for the smoke and for serving a good cause!
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fantastic work Jerry-if anybody it sure would be you that could handle a smoke like that.(with a little help)
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That is so great. Fantastic smoke and for a wonderful cause. Great job!
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One last post from me on this. I took the sliceable butt to 170 today and served it for dinner. Skimmed the fat and poured the juice back onto the slices. Once again a fabulous meal and great sandwiches coming this week. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I think they have the wrong guys on that TV show ,You are the "PITMASTER" very nice icon_mrgreen.gif
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HOLY HOG TAILS "BUTT MAN" !!!!!!!! LMAO icon_mrgreen.gif

Great job dealing with so many butts!!!!!! hahahaahahaaaa still laughing!!!

That was truly a fantastic job Jerry and giving to the girls made it just so much better that you definately deserve "Big Time" points.gif

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree with you there Mike! icon_lol.gif

Having made the trip down to FL for the latest gathering, I had a blast in spite of the weather trying to drown me. icon_mrgreen.gif I was still glad I made the trip. Hope to make it again. It was great meeting everyone and yes, Jerry is a very generous person.
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Wow Piney, that's an outstanding thing you guys were able to pull off. It's possible you've smoked in one shot more butts than I will in my entire lifetime.

points.giffor being a good friend.
points.giffor helping the girls.
points.giffor having the tenacity to pull this off. Rain or not.
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