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PLEASE I NEED HELP on burner mod

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I need more heat from my burner on my perfict flame smoker. I have been told all i gota do is drill out the orface 1-2 sizes and I'll get more heat. has any 1 done this befor? If so I'd like your advice on this, also any other sugestions are welcome and valued. Burner is currently a 15k BTU, and I cant get temps up enough in this cold weather, is reasion for this mod. PLEASE HELP as I have to smoke turkeys for Christmass, or wifes gona kill PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I seem to have to opposite issue as you. I am using a turkey fryer burner to heat my smoker and it gets hot. I installed a needle valve to lower the temp. One thing I found out recently is that you can switch from a high pressure or low pressure regulator to increase or decrease your flame. Just a thought if you have a low pressure regulator on your hose now have you ever thought of switching it out to a high pressure regulator and see what happens? I was just looking at them today at the hardware store and they range from 8 to 17 dollars. So its not going to break the bank. Just a thought?????? But then again maybe you already have a high pressure regulator?
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i've got the same gasser but check out this thread for mods...
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Yes I drilled mine out from .042 Dia to a .052 Dia. That is a very small drill bit when you figure that 1/16 inch is .062. I have all kids of flame now.
Hope this helps
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John was yours the perfect flame from lowes
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