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Sweet/Sour Rub?

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I'm looking for a rub that will compliment a sweet and sour or tangy BBQ sauce, most of what I find are chili based with quite a bit of Cayenne. My family doesn't like much heat from spice so I'm looking for something they'd enjoy. Even when I've cut the Cayenne by 75% in the recipes I've found, it still comes out too hot. Any suggestions? I'd like to use it for pork and beef.
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You have gotten me wondering now. I don't know of any sweet an sour sauces? Wait a minute nope I thought I knew where one was. But i'll keep looking.
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I have a sauce we like, I found a Kansas City style sauce with cider vinegar and brown sugar, I left out the cayenne and we all like it. I'm not that knowlegable in dry spices yet to figure out what I want there for the rub. Most all are heavy with chili and cayenne, those are flavors I'd like to stay away from.
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