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The Gathering

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As I stated in another thread, a fraternal organization in my community is holding a fundraiser this weekend. They sold (by pre-order) 234 racks of ribs. Here are the smokers assembled to accomplish the task.

Big Boy--is actually not being used, but is on "stand by" in case something happens.

Custom Commercial-one side is a wood burner, the other side is propane (chrome stack side), at the rear is a burner for a large pot or griddle.

Travelin' Smoker (discussed in the "Sight to Behold" thread)

Yankee Doodle

Bass 'Akard- Our smaller cookeer (upper portion is only a warming box)

Other pics:

I got to taste some of the cooked trimmings (breast bones, etc). It was MIGHTY tasty. All ribs were rubbed with Head Country dry rub.
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Nice collection of cookers, I like the one with wood and propane...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man those are some sweet smokers! Sounds like you get to have a little fun and help out a good cause at the same time. Good for you! That would be fun!
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Nice looking cookers there.........Makes me miss the Smoke Wagon even more....2 Mo days!!!!!!!
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God Bless you guys............Looks like an assemblage of some super folks for a good cause. I would buy a ticket for that anytime!

Have fun and make lots of money, John
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I've not seen rigs that big, especially with the double sink attached to the one smoker! Neat fundraiser, glad to see a bunch of smokers pulled together to get the task done.
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It is a good way for them to raise money for their community service projects. They do it semi-annually. In the spring, they work out a deal with a local pork producer for ribs at a very attractive price. In the fall, they hit the "home run". The ribs are bought when the wholesalers are clearing their freezers for Thanksgiving turkeys (usually early October). For the past few years, the fall ribs have been bought for $0.99 per pound. The ribs are sold for $15 per rack. So, it does make some decent money for them.

They ALWAYS sell out. It is a great time of fun and fellowship. This time, there was an RV pulled in for them to be able to get out of the cold when not tending the cookers.
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I could learn from these guys!
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Great job, Dirt Man! I am partial to the cooker with the "Bass" emblem.biggrin.gif
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WOW is about all that can be said for that aray of smokers for sure. I guess you can throw in an Holy Cow to for even the smaller home versions too. Now thats some real smokin there.
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Wow those are some impressive rigs!
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Those are definitely things of beauty!
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looks like a fun time!
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