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whats your preferred way to smoke chicken. whole or split? got one in brine and gonna throw it on the WSM with a rack of spareribs.
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Personally I like doing whole birds but thats me
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I prefer smokin em whole, but sometimes at a competition I will do 2 whole and 2 spatchcock and the pick which one I like best to turn in.

Good Luck and Happy Smokes
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Im thinkin whole too. will post some pics later. thanks..
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I like mine whole too - just seems to hold in the moisture better for my taste anyway
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I'm a whole bird guy too - preferably brined and with a beer can up the keester!
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I too am a whole bird kind of guy in fact there's one in the smoker as we speak.
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Whole, No-brine, well rubbed.
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whole, brined, well seasoned... I also do a "breast enhancement" by removing the little chunks of fat generally found right around the cavity opening and stuffing it up under the skin on top of the breast meat...add a little butter and seasoning if you like. It bastes the meat while it cooks!!!
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chix @ 153degrees. ribs are done. sorry cant post pics. says image too large. cams on vga. thats the smallest pic my camera will take?. looking really good. nice color 0n chicken!! ribs look wonderful!! cant wait to dig in!!
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Brined whole birds are my choice, but sales on parts override that.
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Depends on how much time I have and what I plan on doing with it.
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Whole and injected with butter and Tony Chatheree (<----spelling) lots of black pepper
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