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Brisket and lots more

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Well after months of remodeling inside and out (the house) the outside is finally getting the hardie board icon_mrgreen.gif.. So i told the crew ( and several others at the bar last night ) i would feed them today... Started the fire around 7 this morn and here are some of the pics so far.. Oh and this is my first brisket flat attempt..More pics later......

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Wow Mike!
How many people are you feeding, that is a lot of meat!
Hope those guys realize how lucky they are because that all looks great so far.
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Mike I want to work on your house. MAN that looks good great job
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Mike it looks like your having a great smoke and are gonna feed them some great food. Glad the house is coming along
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Way to go, Mike! Everything is looking great. Nothing like a full smoker.
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Thx guys (and gal ) icon_mrgreen.gifChicken got ate before i could get a picture.. took a shot of the ribs before they went bye bye..Brisket and butts now foiled and working their way to temp...

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A A A A A A I didn't get my invite. So I guess I'll have to do it then. I hope you have your own weed burner for you to light up the LAng.

Is This Where You Lite This Thing???
Just kidding but I knew this picture taking thing would come in handy one day. I really glad you have got your house done too. Did the Inspector that I sent over there make it too. It looks like you could feed an army with some REALLY GOOD FOOD there Mike. points.gifJust bacause and I know you don't believe in them or santa either.
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Man,I didnt think yuo believed in Q-View,points or Santa....Nice work on that fine smoke....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Absolutely great Q-view. I wish I worked for you. Awesome job.
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You must be getting top-notch quality work out of your crew with that feeding! Excellent pics and mouthwatering food- congratulations!

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Thats what Im talking about......Full smoker!!!!!!!!! Points for sure....Glad the house is coming along nicely and I bet you get more out fo them Next week since you throwed some good looking Q at them
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Looks great! Can't wait to see the brisky done!
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looks like some great eats there, next time though feed the crew at the beginning of the job, keep the workers happy and it will get done quicker, trust me im a General Contractor
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Well i think i did ok on my first brisket...Nice and moist , but i took it a little high on the temp so it wasn't easy to slice ( it wanted to fall apart)..And the butt turned out like they always do.... So now if u will excuse me, i'm gonna go eat !!icon_mrgreen.gif

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Really nice looking brisket slices, and the smoke ring is pretty impressive too!! Those workers probably weren't much use after eating that grub. Very impressive!! points.gif
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Great looking stuff, Mike! I can come down and supervise if needed.biggrin.gif
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