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pecan crusted bottom round

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allright i'm gonna try somthing new, this is a 5 #bottom round which i will inject with some pirates gold hot marinade mixed with onion powder

after injection i am mixing some pureed pecans with pepper mixture and a little jalapeno spice

gonna let sit in the fridge for a couple days then saturday we are good to go

need some action since football is over and nothing to do, watch on the weekend, spouse will be bitching all weekend for me to do some yardwork or paint the house or whatever, gotta smoke something and get outside!!!!
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Hey, I am always looking for something new to smoke, and i think this is it!!!! I have a feeling the pecan crust is going to turn out amazing.
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I know the feeling.

Great looking concept. I'll be watching to see how this one turns out. Best of luck.
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just got home and first i had to check on this, been sitting all night soaking in that hot marinade and absorbing all that crushed pecan, looks great and i cant wait till morning to get it going
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I love to see people do new things. Think outside teh box and we all learn something....looking forward to teh queu view
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Looks good so far! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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That sounds interesting and good Rick..... I love pirates gold !!!
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what is best temp to pull it out at 125-135 for med rare?
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ok heres some updated pics
first one is start time not till three this afternoon, had to go to a job this morning big emergency, lady had only eight guys show up at her job on saturday and nothing was getting accomplished cause noone was there, had to go calm her down all morning, some people........

second one is two hours in and i must say this is looking quite tasty

more photos to come
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Did you find an answer to the temp question?
Not sure about bottom round but I would think 130-140 for med-rare...
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Again I'm with Jim I think it's 140-145 for med rare on the outside and rare on the inside. I do my sirloin tip roast for sandwiches 140.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those Look Great...
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sounds and looks good!
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I love pecans! always sneaking an extra handful into whatever the wife is adding them to.
NEVER thought of using them as a rub. I'll bet that is one good hunk 'a meat.
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ok, it has reached 140 so i will pull it and wrap for at least an hour, guess i'll have to drink another jack while it sits,, not sure if i can wait to long to start slicing though. looks too pretty and smells like heaven,
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It looks so good! I can only imagine how good it must smell and how great it will taste.
Have yourself another drink, stop reading posts on the site because they will only make you more hungry and try to give it at least half an hour rest, I think after half an hour you should be fine to slice in and enjoy. Unless you can wait a full hour but c'mon, look at that thing! A full hour? I couldn't wait that long...
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Sweet looking crust on there, it sure looks juicy!
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heres a shot of it after i pulled it, wrapped and gonna sit for as long as i can hold out, you'll notice my assistant is full of energy and ready for a slice
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I think if I were there I would be pacing around, jumping up at the counter, maybe even humping your leg for a slice of that! tongue.gif
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easy now big boy!!!
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