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Brrrr, Frozen chuckie w/qview

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Ok, temp. outside is -6 below 0. You could say it's cold out!!!!!
Got my Traeger goin and holdin at 250 degrees, time to throw in the meat.

5 1/2 pounds of chuck
Traeger beef shake (rub)
Hickory mixed with Onion wood

Here we go.....(the camera even said it was coooollllldddddd) lol
Chuckies oiled and rubbed...

Traeger 250*

And the meat is on, let the thin blue smoke roll......

More pics of the process later.
Gonna pull it so finished pics probably won't be til tomorrow. I can't wait!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Props to you for giving it hell. I've been hibernating for the past couple of day.
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Dang that's cold. Going to be some good eating though...
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Put in the probes and temps on the chuckies are at 161 and 163 degrees.
The outside temp is still at -6 below 0.....It ain't not got no more warmer!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Here they are after a little more than 3 hours....

Still got a ways to go.....PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Finished pics

Oh yeah, a big thanks to Ron.

Ron suggested when wrapping my chuckies to use a foil pan and make up some beef base to put the chuckies in for the finish.
So I made up 3 cups of beef base using Tones beef base and transfered the chuckies into the foil pan, added the beef base and covered with foil. Then I put them into the MES already at 190*, set it for 12 hours at 190 degrees (so they would be ready when I was, lol) and went to bed. Checked the MES when I woke up and it was going good so I did some office work and then took them out for pulling.

Man were they tender!!!! I had to be careful when taking them out of the foil cause they just wanted to fall apart on their own. And talk about juicy, man were they ever!!!!!

Out of the foil and ready to be pulled....

Pulled and ready to eat, look at that juice....mmmmmmmm

Made a big sammich with some american cheese on top and I gotta say it was the best pulled chuckie I've ever had!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm good!!!!! tongue.gif

Thanks again Ron for the tip!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Hope ya'll enjoyed the qview.... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks great Steve nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Glad to help Steve. Points man.points.gif
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MAN oh Man there steve you get the medal for bravery and stick to it. I would have posted a picture of the smoker giving out alittle smoke and stuck it to the door to the porch and sat back in the comfy cousy chair inside in the warmth and dreamed about smokin something. My freezer is not at -6 degrees. Great job on your smoke points.gifhave to go out for the superman preformance. Great looking food too.
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Looks out of this world Steve !!! You can keep that white some up there though icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks for the points Mark, but remember to keep our little secret...LMAO

Impervious to the cold but I ain't jumpin over no tall buildings....icon_mrgreen.gif
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Where can I get a set of those meat pulling 'Claws'???
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Excellent chuckie! Wow, you sure got some snow too. Good deal on the "hardship smoke"

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You can find them on Amazon. Just search 'bear paws'. They are about $14 bucks on Amazon. There are probably other places to get them as well.
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I found them at The Barbecue Store. Search for "Bear Paws" item 1001-BR. Took a lot of time "pawing" (Can't believe I said that) their e-pages to find them. Bought 2 pair 11.86 per pair, plus shipping FEDEX (the I'm REALLY not in a rush when they show up).
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Great looking chuckies.Man,that was a cold smoke.

Gotta hand out some great looking chuckie and weatherpoints.gif
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