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Flank Steak

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Last night I wanted to cook something on the grill, but didnt have much time to smoke.

We bought a flank steak at costco, used the meat tenderizer to hammer it out flat.

My wife got a very, very, very simple recipe from her mom.

We pour salsa over the flattened out flank steak (any kind works, picante seems to turn out best), and then cover the salsa with some shredded cheese.

Roll it all up, put a toothpick or two in it to hold it together. Wrap in foil, and throw ont he grill on medium low for about 45 mins.

Turns out great every time and can all be made in under an hour.

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That looks great for a little project done in less than a hour. As they say in the South "Good Deal Lucile". Great job.

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Thanks...i'm about to reheat what's left
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try taking that flank steak and cooking it hot and fast: 3 to4 minutes per side. Then cut it against the grain really thin. It will be lovely.

I stick it in a marinade that is a basic red wine, oil, brown sugar, vinegar, pepper and garlic.

If you are serving folks, sear it off, then pour some marinade over top of it in a pan, cover with foil and hold it in the oven at 160 until you need it. slice and serve.

flank is some good stuff.
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I love flank steak and like that recipe. Definitely on the to do list. Thanks.
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