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Need Smoker Help for Newbie!

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I am in need of some assistance, my husband kinda just threw me out there looking for one - neither of us know what is good, especially me!

I know we'd like an Electric ... Id like to stay under $200.

We used to have one, but you had to take the whole thing apart to add water or wood chips to it. It was a "Bullet Style". He did not like that, and wants one with a little access door or something, as to not interrupt the heat/smoke.

Maybe I'm wrong on that thinking, maybe it doesn't effect it - What do you think?

Any tips on User Friendly, But Great Smokers - Let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!!

I'm wanting to order one shortly, so it's here in time for Christmas :)

Size isn't a huge factor.... We smoke a Turkey on Thanksgiving, and Briskets, etc. So something large enough to hold a Turkey plus some other things.

Thanks again,
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From what you have said I would say to give the MES a look and see what you think.
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

Lots of members on here use them and produce great food.
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Thank you, I was actually just reading about this very one on Amazon. I appreciate the advice!

Seems on some of the reviews I read, their heating element breaks... Though I also see a lot of people bringing that up here, and seem to be getting advice on how to simply fix them theirself?

Other than that, it did seem to get high ratings.

I could always send husband here if that happened :)
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Honestly for the money your wanting to spend... that MES is about what your looking for. I have that model and it does a great job. The only other thing I can think of is the Cheapo Brinkman for $79.00 and it loads from the top. I really like mine and it's where I got my start in smoking. Still use it sometimes and it turns out some awesome Q. The MES is easier to load.
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You can get the same smoker through Amazon and not have to deal with the fine folks at WalMart (sorry FiU)

But don't look away from a charcoal and wood burner unless you're just dead set against it. I love my Weber Smokey Mountain. It's got a low learning curve, and turns out some beautiful BBQ. Even see the occasional competition BBQer using them. I can easily get 10-12 hours out of mine without having to add fuel from tips I've learned right here on this site.

Stop on over to roll call and give a proper introduction. Lots of great folks on here always willing to help.

Good luck and Merry Christmas. And no doubt it will be with a new smoker under the tree!
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You might also consider a propane smoker, they are easy to use and also have a quicker temp recovery than an electric...

Bass Pro has several good deals for under $200.00

The Masterbuilt Propane Smoker For $149.94 This Smoker is 18 inches wide, Not 16 like some...

The GOSM Wide Body for $199.99. This smoker has been a favorite of all who have used them. It is 24" wide which is a big Plus...
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Thanks everyone for your advice! Sorry for the delay in getting back here. We had to go out of town for a couple days.

I bought something else......... b/c husband started talking about Charcoal.... and then it sounded like he was really interested in a Charcoal one, so I bought a Charcoal Smoker.

It's called a Char-griller w/ Firebox (addition) on the side. Anyone hear much about these?
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Yea we have heard of them and there are a few here that use them. So he will have plenty of help from the good folks here. Congrats on the new rig and enjoy it too. Happy smoking.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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