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Great Job, Alex. I would never had thought of smoked butt stroganoff. Nice creative touch. I like homemade pasta - so much better than the dried stuff. Make it whenever I can.

I wonder how it would be with pulled or sliced chuckie? Ever tried that?
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points.gifTo you, Alx....first sliced butt I've seen in I don't know how long!

The apricot had me drooling the minute I saw it....this one is going into the "must try" folder.
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Damn! Just drooled over my new shirt.... awesome looking
Excellent job points.gifAlex
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Did this one over summer.I took chuckie off at 190 degree internal for cubing....I used some of the drippings for a nice gravy..It was tasty.

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That is all food poetry right there my friend. Here's points points.gif
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That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the finished pork and then you go and do something like make butt stroganoff! I love it!
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Very nice... I love the apricot nector idea; and WOW...stroganoff! looks amazing! Hope you don't mind if I make a feable attempt to copy PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

by the way, nice looking leaks in your garden; I tried to grow them but they never got much bigger than a large green onion then started to rot...any ideas? what kind of soil are you growing them in?

Mucho pointspoints.gif
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I grow them in a trench of my aged leaf compsot and hill em up tu blanch(whiten) more of stalk.I start them indoors march 1st under lights in a large 6 inch deep pan-spaced inch apart...They should be size of standard pencil when i transplant to garden in early may....They need good drainage and grow thru the winter untill abouy early april....

This is the best place i have found for seeds....

Le Jardin du Gourmet
p.o box 75
St.Johnsbury Center,VT 05863
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Thanks for the chuckie pic, Alex. I gotta try that.
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Alex, you have outdone yourself with the pork stroganoff! That's something for the history books, without a doubt. Perfect meal for this time of year and know that it is tops on my list to make. That plated picture made me drool.

Perfect, and points! points.gif
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