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lucille's bbq smokehouse recipes?

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Hi folks, i'm not trying to steal their recipes. I was just stunned when I tasted their smoked chicken (everything else is great also). Does anyone know tips on cooking extra moist and soft chicken? Not stringy or even a little dry. I'm just saying their chicken was super soft, pink(hickory smoked) but fully cooked, and practically no muscle fibers felt. Is it injected with butter or something else? Brinned for a long time? Any tips? I'm a beginner at smoking meats but I love to cook out a delicious smoked meat, whatever it is. Thanks in advance.
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I use Mortons tender quick and cure them. They are outa the park. Recipe is on the bag.

Hope this helps.
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by cure them you mean like brine them in the sauce?
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Any time I have ever done a chicken on my Big Green Egg or on my other smoker they have turned out great and very juicy. I usually mix up a brine in a 5 gallon bucket and let it sit over night and then throw it on the smoker. I have also just rubbed it and injected it with your favorite fixins and done it that way as well. Either way with the light smoke and the low slower temps of the smoker it will be great. The only thing that scares the wife it she see's a light pink from smoke and thinks the chicken isn't done. Others will be along shortly to chime in on their recipes.
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Without having tasted their chicken it would be kind of hard to know what they do.
They may brine, I doubt they inject if they are high volume but you never know.
As Ron said you can also cure them with Tender Quick.

My guess would be that they brine them but again, never tried their food so I couldn't say for sure.

Looking at their website I noticed they sell whole smoked turkeys for $50 each and hams for $70 each, ouch!

So looking at their site I assume you meant their BBQ chicken, according to them they marinated their chicken in BBQ sauce for 24 hours before smoking.
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I have the same problem with the wifey. But now she understands it's the hickory
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If you are looking for a great tasting bird, try Chisox's buttermilk chicken. Best tasting bird I have ever had. Everyone who has tasted this at my house has loved it.
Here is a link:

Thanks to Jim for sharing this great recipe.
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what rub did you use on the wings??
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