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Found my haloween costume! PG-13

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Definately original!... lol

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I'll take a burger. Hold the mustard. Well not literally. I mean keep your hands off the mustard. Oh nevermind.
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They look like Oakland Raider Fan's from the Black Hole.
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ROFL... as some one who spent several years in the east bay I can agree... heh-heh. biggrin.gif
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Uh. . um. . I think I lost my appetite. Now where did I place my bottle of eye wash . . . .?
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OMG, I don't even wanna here about Pulled Pork ever again, it now has a new meaning!!!!! ROTFLMAO icon_mrgreen.gif
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With those spikes squeezing the condiments could be a very dangerous thing...
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There are many things that should be against the law. This should be on top of the list. Oh, the humanity!!
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Does your mother know you dress like that........LOL
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If that were Hot Sauce instead of Mustard we could break the jar and watch a Native Dance...icon_mrgreen.gif
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The Wife and I are at odds over whether it is a Man or a Woman, I say man she says woman...

What is your opinion...
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OK that's just not right.. not right at all..
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Where did you get that picture of me???????????????????????????????????
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Women don't keep their smokes in their sleeve. At least no woman I know. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Man this almost broke me from looking a Qview.

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Nevermind, I'm not even goin to comment on this one. 5th
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Years and years of mental therapy down the drain.
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Just came across this and looking at the background it seems to be an actual event that people are at dressed in leather and such, I really wonder what event has that guy just hanging out grilling like that and it's just not a big deal...
You gotta love the world sometimes.
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I'm wondering where the catchup is kept....
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