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Country Style Ribs

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So I had an urge to get some ribs done but the spares were still frozen solid. These country ribs were like $6.00. I didn't care though, I just wanted some pork!!!

I never got a picture of them just rubbed down but here they are going on the smoker...

I was using a new camera and the pic came out darken then desired. Sorry about that.

I guess everyone wants some of these!

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That's one happy dog! I've always been leary of country style because of the lack of bone for moisture/temp difference. Did you alter time vs. cooking bone in? Overall I'm hungry nowpoints.gif
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Nice Train...That dog is ready to tear into them.
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OH boy county style is one of my favorites.
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Nice looking ribs there train. Congratulations on a successful smoke. How's the new wife liking the smoke?
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I hear yah.I need some pork-tomorrow-Nice work big train..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Let me tell you, she is definitely a fan of the food... She just thinks in nuts for doing it as much as I do.

Oh well... Just as long as shes happy some of the time I guess!
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Mmmm those ribs look great...
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Keeping them happy some of the time is a start.........wait till she requires you to keep her happy 24/7. LOL!
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I think Einstein proved that was not possible. Actually, it wouldn't even take Einstein to prove it. icon_rolleyes.gif

Oh, nice looking CSRs Train.
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Great job with the CSR's BigTrain! Gotta love that cut of meat!
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They Look Great Tony...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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those are the only ribs i do anymore i love them i always have 100% good luck with them. i use to do the rack ribs but i like country style because of more meat and better taste imop
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Mmmmmmmmm, I loves them country style ribs....
Good yob mon!!!! tongue.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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whats the best way to cook them? I've had good luck with baby backs and spares but a lot of times the country style turn out not so tender. would love to perfect cooking them since they're really cheap compared to other meats
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Nice job Big Train! I try to cook extra CSR when I do them, I run the extras thru the food processor and freeze in quantities for sandwiches.
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Looks great. I'm in the same camp as Codymcgee - never tried them on the smoker, just did racks. How long do you cooke them? I assume to 180 or thereabouts internal temp?
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yea i usually do them till 180. They don't take much more then 4 hours at 225 or so... The wife likes them because they are much meatier then the spares.
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man Train those are some good looking ribs. I have yet to do them and we eat them a pretty often to. To me they are just quick on the grill with alittle sauce applied. I'm really glad that the new wife likes the smoking.
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