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I'll send your PMs with pictures just to make sure you don't miss any of the many winter smokes in my future.
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Here is the final step in my Chicken project. I smoked these up for my Granny in law. Sorted out the white and dark meat, put in half pound vacuum bags for her to freeze. This will be quite a few meals for her and easy to prepare. There were four chickens in all and I ended up with 6.5 pounds of deboned meat. I'm lovin this indoor smokin.

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I have been doing that for a year or so works great

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Nice job on the birds man.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I am sure they will enjoy them.
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Nice innovation and lot of work-

You might check your homeowner policy-if you have a fire or other problem with a device that is intended only for outside use-and I have an MES and that is what my booklet says-your insurance may not pay for damages, including loss of life. That is why we have building codes and permits for new construction.

I have mentioned this before with other inside installations and no one wants to acknowledge the potential problem. If you have a good relationship with your insurer get their input.

Also echo Dude on the Carbon Monoxide potential-another facet of this type of installation to be aware of.

You did a good job Dave, and we do not want anything but safe smoking for you.

Stay safe!!
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Nice birds Dave...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Great job on the inside install also...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job on the inside install... I'm lookin at the negitive digits all winter... this looks like a better solution than injectin smoke and baking my butts... BUT I RENT...

and capt' buzzkilll up there two posts earlier.. although he is totally right .. I believe everyone has the right to play dangerous and attempt to burn down the house at least once in their life.. .. NO seriously!

BUY a CO detector... and a auto fire sprinkler system.. trade all of it for a some pulled pork...

DAVE ENJOY the warmth while you smoke indoors and its blustery outside!


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Went to the hardware today and picked up the pieces to replace the flex pipe with hard pipe. I found that the screws I had put in to connect the actual vent to the pipe had not screwed in tight and the screws were pushing the pipe in. Fixed all that and taped everything up. After a couple of smokes I haven't noticed any buildup outside on the siding of smoke. I'm really happy about having this inside for the winter. I'm hopin Santa is gonna bring me a sausage grinder so I can do some of my own sausage. We'll see.

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You have definatly earned the points.gifforsure on this invention and it looks like it works just fine too. I only thing is will it hit you in the head on it when your looking in or tending the meat??? But it's a great idea and now you too can smoke all year round like us in Florida. Cheers
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Man, I love your set-up and think it is the greatest thing...something like I would do.

However, my "other" side kicks in and wants to underscore all the warnings from the rest of the folks. Don't mean to be a damper on things, but you want to be safe and CYA if anything goes wrong.

Talk to your insurance agent. Get a smokedetector alarm. Put a shield under your exterior exhaust know the deal, bud. Make your awesome idea perfect!

Very nice chicken too, you made and congratulations once again! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, nice job, I am envious...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

With electric smokers I believe it is safe to do this, I am not sure that I would try it with a propane smoker and definitely not with a charcoal...
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I would not do this with propane or charcoal. I feel very safe with this system in place. Usually if I'm leaving it unattended it has already gone through the smoking stage and is just cooking like an oven on low temp. Very safe. Thanks for all the concern.
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If you get concerned you could always add a carbon monoxide detector.
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OMG, that is an awesome idea. Might be a good idea to put another piece of pipe on that and get it out past the eves. I think that vent might stain your siding.

Anyhow, i'm really jealous. It is 15 degress here in Minnesota right now, and that would certainly make smoking a lot more tolerable. More idea for the man cave are always a welcome sight. :) Nice work!!
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So far so good. I think an advantage I have here is the hood is a nice used Kenmore and has two good sized squirrel cage blowers in it. It can move some air. I've only smoked with it twice but one was an all nighter and there's no sign of any buildup yet. I'm going to keep an eye on it. It looks much better mounted to the wall than sticking out past the eave so my plan is to keep it clean with some greased lightning and the pressure washer. I had a hard time trying to decide if I wanted to mess with this project or not but I'm really glad I did. It didn't cost much and has thrown the weather factor out the door for smokin this winter. And I'm gonna say this one more time..... I would not attempt this with a gas, charcoal or stick burner.
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FLex pipe from MES exhaust to window(hole)Outside viewMES30 with inside cheap mod

Took a piece of 1x6 and cut a hole to fit the elbow, Pulled down the window and stick the 1x6 in and closed the window on it.

Simple and worked very well easy install and removal.  I like the beauty of the range hood mod though.


Port butt at the start

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russg  looks good, that should work!  Thanks for taking the time to post pics, gives others some ideas.


I notice there isn't an eave over the window, so if it rains and there is window, do you plan to remove the wood with hole and close window, then return it to use again when no rain/wind?

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Yes,  when done I lowr the window and take down the wood and hose.

It only take a minute.


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