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Model # for newest MES 30"?

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Does anyone know if model #20070106 is the newest version of the Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker? My wife works for Lowes so I can get a nice discount on that model but don't want to buy it if it is not the latest, greatest version.

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Not sure but they will have the new models out very soon. I would wait for that.
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Hi Ron
I just picked up the Mes 40 with window. Do you know if they're coming out with a new mes 40" and if they are do you know what's new?
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I'v heard that the 30" ones sold at bass pro on black friday are a little different so probably are a new model. I'd tell you the model number but mine is sitting in my in-laws garage till christmas, out of my reach. icon_cry.gif It's a surprize, even tho im the one who had to run and get in line when the doors opened, something about the wife being 7 months preggo and not wanting to get runover by all the black friday crazies.... which she still managed to do.....

uugh... oh well... i think the wife feels that if it cant be a surprize she can at least torture me for a month.
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That is my understanding, but don't know what the changes are. I will post that info when I find out. Should be soon though.
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