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The first venison bratwurst

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Well it started out when I asked a friend if he has killed any deer. Then it ended up with 2 Hams, 2 Backstraps, 2 Tender loins. Then the hams began their trip to the bratwurst land. This one was fun just me making sausage. I learned alot the first run of sausage and then maked this stuff. I used 10lbs of fresh venison from Ga. deer and some fat from the brisket from our daughter's wedding.

After a brief delay in the curing process we get back to finish the sausage project.Then it's into the smoker for a bath of some slow heat and some nice apple wood smokin.

Thens it out and ready for the table. Man this stuff is good and alittle spicey too.

The wife just wants hers with alittle yellow mustard
But I want some cheese, mustard, and sauted onions. Oh yea need the Kosher dill pickles.

It was a nice learning experiance in itself and a tastey one I must say so. Now it upward and onward father into the great land of sausage making.
Thanks for watching me grow into the sausage making fool.
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Nice. Those look awesome. points.gif
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Those look awesome Mark nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your a lucky man to get some venison, and the brauts, well all I can say is WOW. They look amazing. Good job. No, Great jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I think those are worthy of some points.points.gif
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Nice job on the sausage buddy! Them loke rite fine. Gotta do sausage this weekend, always good eatin an just like smokin, another addiction!
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Real nice sausage mark.Great use of the deer and brisket fat as well.
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Great lookin stuff

I know you have been lookin to make some sausage for some time, looks great.

Dont waste that back strap, wrap in bacon, make filets.

I look forward to more snausages.
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Man those look awesome.......Points at yapoints.gif
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DId you have a recipe or use a mix?
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Nice work Mark! I just got hungry again. biggrin.gif
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Mark, those are fantastic!!!!! Gotta give ya some points.gif
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Awesome sausage Mark, points also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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those look perfect. nice work mark.

you get points.giffrom this guy too!
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Those Look Great Mark...points.gif
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Great looking sausage! You can order these sausage hooks from Camp Chef for your Smoke Vault. Makes it easier to hang the sausage.
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They look like they came out great Mark! Look's like a pro made them.
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I saw you mention them in chat last night. Man, they look awesome!!!
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Did you mix anything like pork or ???? with the venison ?
What ratio did ya use?
They look perfect..I really gotta get mine to look like hat's off to you sir..Excellent job
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