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Pork Butt foiling?

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I have a question about smoking pork butts, when you foil the butts do you wrap the butts in foil only or can you put the butts in a alum tray and foil over that? I want to be able to keep the juices that are left over from the butt. Would I get the same effect from foiling in a alum pan vs. the normal foiling, and would I have to take the butt out of the pan and foil to let it rest or could I just wrap the entire pan with a towel and let it rest that way? Thanks in advance!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You really can do it either way. Placing it in a pan will trap more juices....remember it will be very fatty juices too. I typically just wrap the butt in two layers of foil, this usually traps any juices just fine. I would tend to pour off the juices then let it rest in the pan, but again, I don't think that is really necessary.
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you can do it either way, I've started using alum pans as of late.
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Main plus of the pans is that they are much harder to puncture by accident.... which saves you getting yelled at when it leaks all over the kitchen counter, floor, ect., and I told her it was OK, the dogs would lick it up, but nooo she still had to yell at me for 1/2 an hour..... woops.... to much info... lol.
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I'm pretty sure that I dated your wife or her sister...icon_mrgreen.gif
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When I use foil pans to wrap I always place them at that point on a cookie sheet in my smoker. No risk of puncture that way. Just move the cookie sheet and the butt will follow. LOL
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I can't tell you how many times I take it out of the cooler and there is a big wet stain on the towel where some of the juices leaked out!
Need to order a roll of restaurant foil and stop using whatever I happen to pick up.
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You've got that right... don't give women any ammo.
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+1 on that.
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I double wrap in heavy duty foil, seems to work fine.
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+1 on double wrap on heavy duty foil.
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Once you've foiled, why waste perfectly good smoke wood? Move it to the oven or something.
Refrigerating the juices separates the fat from the juice; you can skim the fat from the top if desired.
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I got my foil from sam's and I got big commerical roll in a big box and the double rollit to keep from puntures and other holes. Then I always use the smae old towels in the cooler so they aremesse up now and will stay that way. Just wash them too.
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I too use a commercial aluminum foil for wrapping.
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