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Sunday smoke with Qview

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I thought I would share some photo's from my Sunday smoke. Started up
the smoker around 11am, in this frigid cold weather (days like today
when i'm glad i got the Traeger!). Started a rack of spares, a package
of country style ribs, and a couple turkey tenderloins. All turned out
great, did 3-2-1 on the spares, about 4 hrs naked on the country
style, and the turkey was done in about 2.5 hrs (incredibly moist if
you've never tried tenderloin). Check out some pics!

Getting the Traeger warmed up

Up to temp and meat going on

Just out of the foil and mopped

Lets eat!

A little too much sauce for me, but it was dark when I mopped and had only the porch light to help. I will need to get a headlamp for next time.
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I'm using internet explorer 8, all I see is CSS style settings, not post or pics. Anyone see anything different?
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All I see is table style document code. Try a photobucket account and use the img code.
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Hmmm not sure what's up... i tried repasting in the "embed image" code from Picasa. Any ideas anyone?
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works as a link, but yeah I dunno how to format for in post viewing.
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I can't see the Q-view in the post but if I clear away everything but the web address I see the pic's
Real nice pull back on them ribs. they look taste!
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Here is a link to your picasa album. Hope you don't mind me posting it as I scalped it from your original post.

You can't paste from will need a photobucket account and use the img code. Here is a link to a great step by step that Paul put together.

Good looking smoke! I've got some points for this one points.gifKeep up the great work!
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Nice job! Photobucket is very easy to use.
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Those ribs look great! Nice job! Photobucket does work great, it is what I use.
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I will try to re-subscribe to photobucket. I was using photobucket previously, but they kept heckling me to upgrage to the pro version by telling my i had used up all my available storage space (i had only 5 photo's on there!). So i said screw it and canceled and opened a Picasa acct since I use gmail anyway. Owell i will re-subscribe to photobucket and avoid future Qview headaches! Thanks everybody!

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Nice job on the smoke, ribs look great!!!! points.gifI got a Traeger Lil Tex too, had it over 3 years now and I love it!!!
Have you ever had a problem with it keeping temps???
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I see that everyone have given you the way to post your Qview here on a thread for the furture. So your Qview look great but just next time go to photobuckets. It's the easiest to me too.
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Looks Great, but like others said Photobucket is the way to go for posting qview...

You shouldn't have a problem with room on the free accounts they are just trying to get you to upgrade. I have hundreds of pics on the free account I have...
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Looking good! Thanks for sharing!
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