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Turkey Breast

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Gonna try to smoke a turkey breast, I t hink i have a temp (VERY TEMP) fix done on the old smoke hollow smoker (I do not think it would pass an electrical inspection) but it isnt arcing anymore. I will try to add the qview if i can figure out how to do that. if i cant then i will send it to photobucket.
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Good luck on that breast.
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Thank you for the well wishing, the turkey turned out pretty good but next time i think i will use maple instead of hickory.
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Choice of woods

IMO hickory is great for beef. Poultry needs a more subtle flavor such as apple, maple or pecan. Last time, smoked it in apple and everyone loved it. Next one will be with pistacchio shells.
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Glad to hear the smoker worked and the bird turned out good Dan. Maple woould be real good on your next one. Where's the Q-view :)
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How do I post a qview? I wish i could post all the pics of everything i have been smokin since i started and Joined this great forum on 11-20-09.. I hope to be able to stay for a long long time.
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How to post Qview to Forum:

For Step By Step Instructions On Posting Qview Check Out This Tutorial
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Ok I gotta try that now.
I have not added my newest pics yet to photobucket but here is my Thanksgiving SMOKED TURKEY.
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BEER-B-Q your awesome thanks for the help. now Im gonna be q-view postin everything. unless it turns out bad then ........ well "If there are no pictures, It never happened."
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Don't forget to eat the evidence...icon_mrgreen.gif
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