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Sam's Rotisserie Chicken Meets Mr. Youshida W/Qview

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A Sam's Club rotisserie I picked up today. They are pre brined and rubbed. I added some Ultimate Tailgate rub from Paul.

I usually just do them the way they are but thought I would spritz a few times while smoking and see what effect it has on the skin if any.

Here it is at 130' after about 2 hours.

More later.
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Looks Great to Me...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin like it is on a good path Ron.
One of your earlier posts had that rub from Paul and I did an exchange with him for some, good stuff.
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Send any leftovers this way thats gonna make some good samiches.
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I don't know how you keep getting those chickens but I'm having a really haard time tring to fine someone to sell me a cuple of un-cooked birds.
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Good looking bird.

Mark, why not just pick some up from the meat department and add your own rub?
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Maybe this is a good reason. Very convenient, flavorful, and good results what's better than that? I can have mine ready in 4 hours and smoked while you are measuring, brining, draining, rubbing, ETC. If you like to brine go ahead, nothing wrong with that at all, we all have our different methods.

Here it is all done, quite a surprise.

The pics tell the whole story.

Carol said it was the best ever. Thanks Mr. Youshida.
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Wow, that is a GORGEOUS bird! I can almost taste it!.. Very nice looking and great photos! points.gif
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Ron..Looks great as always.. Its amazing at the juice in the plate. Looks terrific...Later Doc
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Shweeeeeet! I love those Sams chickens. When we had our last pig roast I bought a whole case at .85 per pound. Right out of the box and onto the smoker. No cleanin, rinsin, brinin or seasonin and they turned out awesome. That's a big help when your doin that many chickens and don't have the time, room or facilities to brine them yourself. I can get them at a local Sams here 2, 4, 6 or 8 at a time. And everytime I've smoked them they have been awesome so they are consistent. Really hard not to pick a couple up everytime I'm in the place. Nice Bird Ron!
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Looks great as usual ron! Glad you liked the rub!
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dangit that looks awesome ron!!! love that color a that burd!!!points.gif
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Very nice Ron! I wish is was there now!
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Yummy looking' eat!Ron
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Nice bird Ron, it's always fun to do a quick smoke that ends up being a tasty treat.
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Great smoke as alweays Ron! That skin looks yummy!
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Good Gawd, Ron, what an awesome bird! Once again, your flash of brilliance and skill comes out like thunderbolt and makes our mouth's water. Beautiful looking meat and all that needs is a side of hot macaroni and cheese!

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Wow Ron that looked really great. Amazing how juicy that was judging by the puddle of deliciousness on the plate. That would have been good just to sip all by itself.
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Thanks everyone it was unbeliveably juicy and tender. And yes, I did want want to slurp up the juice.icon_wink.gif
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I bet as soon as he got the pic.... he did slurp up the juice.
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