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Previously frozen ribs?

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What are your thoughts? My local Super Target has baby back ribs on sale all the time and I noticed that the label says "previously frozen" Would this make a difference? Should I stick with fresh?
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I buy an use frozen ribs all the time, good sale I stock up. Personally, I don't think yer gonna notice a whole lotta difference.
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Yep, do 'em most all the complaints...maybe make some adjustments on rub ingredients, etc, mostly I lighten up on the salt so they don't dry out as easily.

Grab a truck-load if the price is right!

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Most all ribs you get at restaurants and even a good majority of the ones they have in grocery stores come in frozen anyway. Like Tip says, you really won't notice any difference so if it is a great deal, especially baby backs which run normal price around here at $3.99, I would buy all they had and ask for more, if it is a good deal.
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Everyone has used or eaten previously frozen ribs. Even if they weren't, and they are on sale, they'll be frozen soon enough cause I'm stocking up.
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I believe that unless you buy from a butcher shop that only deals in only fresh meat you are going to find frozen ribs...
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cant wait to smoke ribs in my smoker when i get it fixed...
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Practically all meat leaving a packing plant is 'hard-chilled'; meaning it has gone through a nitrogen cooler and it's temperature lowered to 31°-32° F. to maximize keeping it cold during shipping in reefers; so right off the bat it is hard-chilled frozen enough to make it transportable.
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Thanks for the info! So do stock up when they are on sale and keep them in the Freezer?
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Absolutely, or send some my way if you get too many....
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I use them all the time so if you can get them at a good price stock up we doo.
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I bought something like 30 racks the last time I bought them. They were froze when I bought them and put thme in my freezer and thawed as I needed..I dont mind them myself..I bet the fresh ones are better but I dont mind teh frozen ones..
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Thank you for posting this question, I was wondering about this.
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