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ok 2 days of trying to post pics. The base is all I can get to load .
Put the box over and it worked ( I hate computers)
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Awesome man, looks delicious.
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Soldering iron/ can smoke generator

For those that have used the soldering iron method of generating smoke, what is the preferred wattage iron to use?PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Not really sure on the wattage Aero. I would think the lowest wattage would be fine.
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Great and simple way to get your smoke on some cheese. Congrats.
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I did this a few weeks ago, but I just used my GOSM. I put the can and the soldering iron on the bottom shelf, and put my cheese on the top shelves. I just ran the cord out the bottom corner of the door. The day I did it the temp was in the 40s, and the temp in the smoker stayed in the low 50s.
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just buy the cheapest one you find. Surprisingly they last a long time. The boxes are a great cheap idea, but if you have ANY kind of smoker or grill to use an an enclosed space, it will work. Clean racks would be nice.
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I have done 2 smokes with the soldering iron in a can.
Works great.

My only comment...
I would use a NEW soldering iron. Solder has lead in it as well as rosin and other stuff that I would not want to get on my cheese. Not sure how much it would effect the taste, but I know my used soldering iron does smoke somewhat from the residue on it.
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Absolutely. Use a soldering iron that you purchased just for cold smoking. I also like to place any new can to be used on an open flame to burn off all the coatings. I do this in my kitchen over the gas burner and under the range hood. Those fumes are nasty. You can also do this on your grill. I still cold smoke with this method, minus the boxes. Just works so well and it's cheap. What more can you ask for.
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ok, newbie question... I understand using the soldering iron and the can, but where do you put the wood chips? In the can? Really want to try this!
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Dan thanks for the idea. I am smoking cheese now with my MES. I will post up when I am finished. Let all the MES owners take this idea and run. Of course if it sucks know one will no I exist.
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Sorry i missed your post Sawyerrt, my set up has the iron going thru a hole I drilled in the side of the can and the chips or sawdust are placed over the hot iron in the can.
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Thanks! One more question, how far is the grate above the heat source?
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I would try to get it as far away from the heat as physically possible, less chance of melting the cheese I'd think. Good luck with it and don't forget the Q-view
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