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MArkcp, nice CG unit there. Who put it on wheels, you?

Schmoke, check out my post under Smokin Pro in Charcoal smokers. I've got pics of the stack mod there. 3" flexible aluminum dryer vent hose brought down to grate level.
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The guy that I bought it from, worked in a company that modded golf carts. Thats where wheels and spinners cames from.
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Hey Marty, thanks for the heads up on your post. I'll be sure to check it out. Man this place is great. I can't believe how much I'm learning here. I can't wait for better weather.
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Hose clamps. I didn't have one big enough so I used a piece of copper wire I stripped from some 10-3 I had laying around.


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Is that dryer tube alelover?

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Nope. It's a piece of 8" AC duct. I cut it length wise and mangled it into shape. Then riveted it. You can see my whole half-ass mod here.

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Ok guys/gals, after 2 years on the first CGSP w/SFB I finally had to replace it.  weather took it's toll.  Replaced again with a CGSP w/SFB, again not without issues, this time the SFB grate plate welds broke off before I even opened it.  All that aside, the last one I used for Smokin' and Grillin'.  not this time, exclusive for Smokin'.  and to help prevent exposure to elements, got the nice cover from CG when I got the smoker. 


Did some mods this time, Took the Charcoal grate, flipped it upside down, since it isn't going to be used for grilling, no point.  Picked up 2 $8 thermo's at Home Depot, drilled appropriate holes at just above grate level on each side and mounted up the Thermo's. 


Oiled the inside down with Canola oil and seasoned it up.  did the same on the outside but with one glitch, the SFB paint bubbled up and I have to hit it with Hi-Temp paint.  I have to do the chimney extension inside and I need to do the 1/2" angle iron trick and the stove rope to seal it up.


Built a shaker box out of expanded steel, looks like crap will end up re-doing it.  So far the temps are about 20 degree difference from left to right, gotta figure that one out. 


Anyone here got some easy ideas for balancing the heat a little better.  and I will post some pics tonite if the rain stays away.



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Is there a tread with more pictures of the reverse flow one?  I've been kicking around the idea of doing that myself and that one looks awesome!



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